In this article, I will tell you about SUBWAY MENUS PRICES IN INDONESIA: Subway menu prices vary across Indonesia. This is because manuka prices vary in different cities and regions in Indonesia. Subway usually offers vegetarian meat, chicken, and other flavoured sandwiches. Its price varies in various stores in Indonesia. Subway vegetable and chicken prices may be lower or higher. The taste of Subway restaurants in Indonesia differs from Pakistan or other countries. Regarding restaurant prices in any country, it should be remembered that the prices vary more or less depending on the country’s economy.

BBQ ChickenRp37.750
Tuna MayoRp37.750
Chicken SliceRp32.200
Italian B.M.TRp45.500
Steak & CheeseRp57.700
Spicy ItalianRp45.500
Roast ChickenRp37.750
Egg MayoRp32.200
Veggie DeliteRp25.500
Meatball MarinaraRp57.700
Roast BeefRp57.700
Spicy Shrimp BuffaloRp57.700
Seafood SensationRp57.700


Chicken SliceRp35.500
BBQ ChickenRp40.050
Italian B.M.TRp48.800
Chicken TeriyakiRp40.050
Spicy ItalianRp48.800
Roast ChickenRp40.050
Tuna MayoRp40.050
Steak & CheeseRp60.000


Tuna & EggRp35.500
Chicken Slice & EggRp27.700
Breakfast Strips & EggRp27.700
Cheese & EggRp24.400


Chocolate Chip CookieRp19.950
Oatmeal Raisin CookiesRp19.950
White Chip Macadamia Nut CookieRp19.950
Double Chocolate Chip CookieRp19.950
Egg Mayo ToastyRp17.750
Chicken Slice & CheeseRp17.750
Pringles Sour Cream & OnionRp17.750
Pringles OriginalRp17.750
Mushroom SoupRp29.950


Chicken SliceRp49.900
BBQ ChickenRp54.450
Chicken TeriyakiRp54.450
Roasted ChickenRp54.450
Italian B.M.TRp62.200
Steak & CheeseRp74.400
Spicy ItalianRp62.200
Tuna MayoRp54.450


Aqua 300mlRp9.900
Carbonated Drinks 16ozRp19.900
Coffee Latte 8ozRp25.500
Minute Maid Pulpy OrangeRp17.700


6″SandwichesServing size(g)Calories(kcal)Total fat(g)Saturated fat(g)Trans fat(g)Carbohydrate(g)Sugars(g)Protein
Sliced chicken2083006.32.70.241520
Chicken strips2283247.12.50.239525
Chicken teriyaki2563627.32.60.2461127
Italian meatballs22638311.75.40.247820
Taco beef2123208.93.60.242617
Roast beef2233467.13.10.240621
Subway club2273257.13.00.241621
Italian B.M.T23040916.74.70.242522
Subway melt2123218.63.70.242518
Avocado shrimp22034012.73.70.242511
Veggie delight1662505.72.50.239510
Egg mayo22642120.75.80.341617
Decied beef23536610.64.80.340626
Spicy chicken strips2563697.12.40.2481228
Angus beef23941216.17.70.344622
Sichuan pepper chicken24737914.05.50.136524

How To Oder Online Subway In Indonesia

Subway fast food restaurant chains have introduced online ordering.
Contact: Open Subway’s mobile app or website.
Select region: Select your location, and you will see the list of nearest restaurants.
Choose an order: To order, choose your favourite dish that you want to order.
Select items: Choose your favourite option in the menu of all fast food.
Add: If you need some other things, you can add them.
Order Confirmation: You have to make a final decision to confirm your order and fulfil your order.

Wait for the proxy: Here, you have to wait for some time after confirming your order until your favourite selection is ready.
Receive order: Finally, you will receive your order receipt, which will provide full details.
You will be provided with pricing and confirmation instructions.
Fun in Sorting: You can enjoy your favourite meal with Subway Fast Food when your order is ready and received.

Popularity Of Subway Menu In Indonesia

Subway is very popular in Indonesia. Its menu is the favourite food of the people. Here, we present some important points. What are the reasons for the increasing popularity and development of the subway?

  •  Various flavours: Subway’s menu offers a wide selection of delicious sandwiches, salads, and cookies. And people can easily choose their favourite food.
  •  Healthy Nutritional Content: This is a high-quality of Subway. That it uses fresh nutrients. Such as fresh vegetables, protein, cheese, and different types of salad etc.
  • Easy Availability: Subway’s franchising system is spread throughout Indonesia to easily provide people with their favourite foods.
  •  Quality Service: Subway’s employees’ quality and high performance also contributes to its reputation.
  •  Aromatic Atmosphere: Subway restaurants in Indonesia provide a pleasant atmosphere. Which makes people feel the sophistication and cleanliness of Indonesia.
  •  Reasonable prices: Subway food prices are generally reasonable. Which provides healthy nutrients to the people according to the budget.
  • Online Recommendations: Subway Indonesia also has an online ordering system that allows people to have their food delivered to them.

 The popularity of Subway’s menu in Indonesia is due to its unique flavours, healthy ingredients, and quality service that will create ease and convenience in people’s lives.

Reputation Of Subway Menu In Indonesia

Subway is known as a popular and well-known restaurant in Indonesia. There are certain reasons for its popularity. There are a few key points to explain the popularity of Subway’s menu. 

  • A selection of different tastes: Subway’s menu offers a variety of sandwiches, salads, and other dishes such as chicken, turkey, chicken tikka, roasted chicken, tuna, and various snacks.
  •  Healthy ingredients: Subway’s menu focuses on healthy ingredients. Fresh vegetables, protein, cheese, chicken, meat, and various international nutrients are included.
  •  Ease of Access: There are subway branches in every region of Indonesia. Which provides comfort and convenience to the people of their areas to meet their nutritional needs quickly.
  • Quality Service: Subway’s service and the quality service of employees are the reasons for the increasing popularity of its menu.
  •  Aromatic Environment: Subway restaurants’ attractive and aromatic environment is a special attraction for Indonesian customers.
  •  Reasonable prices: Subway menu prices are very good for them—people who get the food they want according to their budget.
  • Online recommendations: An online ordering system facility is also available in Indonesia. Which makes life easier for customers.

All Sandwiches In Indonesia

  • We will provide brief details about famous Indonesian sandwiches to our customers at Subway Fast Food Restaurant Chains:
  • Italian B.M T: This is one of the popular sandwiches with pepperoni salami and ham ingredients.
  • Steak and Cheese: These sandwiches contain meat, onion, sauce, cheese, and sauce slices.
  • Chicken Teriyaki: These popular Asian-style sandwiches include chicken teriyaki and fresh vegetables. And the sauce is used.
  • BBQ Chicken: Barbecue chicken in these delicious sandwiches. Cheese and onion. Included.
  • Chicken pieces: Chicken pieces in this interesting sandwich. Onion. Tomato. And there are things.
  • Tuna Mayo: Mayonnaise in this particular sandwich. Tuna, cheese, and fresh vegetables are available.
  • Roast Chicken: This delicious sandwich has meat, chicken, onion, tomato, and cheese slices.
  • Spicy Italian: This hot sandwich has pepperoni, salami, cheese, and fresh vegetables.
  • Subway Double BLT: This sandwich is beautifully prepared with pepperoni salami included. Meatballs. Tomato. Mayonnaise and fresh vegetables are added.
  • Subway Pizza Melt: Mozzarella cheese in this delicious sandwich. Pepperoni and pizza sauce. It is used, which makes it taste great.
  • Subway Turkey Club: Turkey in this delicious sandwich. Pepperoni. Mayonnaise. Bacon and fresh vegetables are added.
  • Meatball Tower: This Italian-style sandwich is made with meatballs, mozzarella cheese, and sauces.
  • Roast Beef: This delicious sandwich uses roast beef, onions, tomatoes, and cheese.
  • Veggie Delight: This is a healthy sandwich with fresh vegetables. Onion, Tomato, And the thing is used. Various ingredients are used in these sandwich recipes to adopt different flavours that satisfy the deliciousness and tastes of these foods.

Subway Breakfast Menu In Indonesia

The menu is at your service to start your day with a healthy and delicious sandwich. Chicken slices and eggs in them. Delicious sandwiches like cheese and eggs, tuna and eggs, breakfast bars and eggs are served at Subway Restaurant, an excellent way for customers to start their morning. These delicious sandwiches are made with the famous hot eggs and various ingredients.

  • Chicken Slices and Eggs: Chicken slices and eggs are used in this wonderful sandwich, so the unique taste and aroma give you a pleasant feeling of health.
  • Tuna and Egg: Healthy ingredients like tuna and egg are used in this sandwich, so it has an exciting and unique taste that refreshes your mood.
  • Cheese and Eggs: Cheese and eggs add delicious flavour to any sandwich: fresh egg and fresh cheese fill in health and nutritional deficiencies.
  • Breakfast bars and eggs: Using strips and eggs for breakfast gives your sandwich a healthy and energizing boost to start your day. We give you a warm welcome and adapt to the new tastes and demands of the new era of customers.

Subway Wraps In Indonesia

Subway Fast Food Indonesia has a variety of exciting and delicious sandwiches in its famous sandwich menu.
Barbecue Chicken: This delicious sandwich includes BBQ Chicken, Onion, Tomato, Cheese, and Chili.
Chicken Slices: This sandwich includes a variety of interesting ingredients, including slices of hot chicken, onions, tomatoes, and healthy ingredients such as cheese.
Chicken Teriyaki: The chicken teriyaki sandwich features fresh vegetables and teriyaki sauce.
Egg Mayo: Eggs and mayonnaise are present, which enhances its flavours.

Roast Chicken: A roast chicken sandwich has hot chicken, cheese, onion, and tomato.
Steak and Cheese: Beef steak in steak and cheese. North. Onion. Sauce and stuff exist,
Italian BMT: Pepperoni salami in this famous sandwich. And is prepared from ham.
These popular and well-known types of sandwiches at Subway Fast Food Restaurant delight their customers with a variety of delicious flavours and recipes.


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The subway menu is very famous in Indonesia. It is renowned for various reasons. Its flavors are healthy, nutritious ingredients, the best quality services, reasonable prices, and easy availability. Due to all these reasons, it has gained a high position in the Indonesian market. The beautiful atmosphere of the Subway restaurant and the easy in-line ordering system also play an essential role in its popularity. Subway’s quality food ingredients are a particular focus of the logo. Indonesians rely heavily on subway menus. Thus, Subway has achieved a high position in food choices in Indonesia.

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