It does not matter whether you are on a trip to Belem Tower or Bolsa Palace; you must stay energetic to make your trip memorable. So why not eat some healthy food at Subway Portugal

The Subway menu prices in Portugal may vary due to changes in geography, but you will love it. Subway restaurant has been known for its healthy twist on traditional fast food for quite some time.

 When you next visit a Subway restaurant, consider these suggestions to lower your blood lipids, calories, and sodium intake while boosting your fiber intake. 

Many veggies don’t contain any fat and are inherently low in calories. Unseasoned veggies, green peppers, and pickles are available for you to order pleasure at Subway.


Menu Subs

Hot Dog€5.94
Frango Teriyaki€7.06
Veggie Delite®€5.94
Fiambre e Queijo€5.94
B.M.T.® Italiano€6.39
Frango Tikka€6.15
Delícias do Mar€5.65
Hambúrguer Vegan€6.26
Peito de Frango€7.08
Carne & Queijo€6.67
Onion Delight€7.51



Pepsi lata€2.13
Sumol de laranja€1.98
Água sem Gás€1.30
Pepsi Max lata€2.13
Compal manga, laranja e cenoura€2.13
Compal frutos vermelhos€2.14
Sumol de Ananás€1.97
Pepsi Max€1.98
Compal manga€2.14
Compal pêssego€2.13
Ice Tea de manga lata€2.14
7 Up€1.98
Sumol de laranja lata€2.14
Ice tea de Manga€1.85
7 Up lata€2.14
Sumol de ananás lata€2.14
Compal Laranja do Algarve€2.06
Compal de Manga€1.85
Compal de Pêssego€2.00
Compal de Frutos Vermelhos€1.98
Cerveja garrafa 0,33L€2.14
Compal de Laranja, Cenoura e manga€2.00
Água Com Gás€1.63


Top Sellers

Menu BBQ pork 30cm€11.38
Menu frango teriyaki 30cm€11.38
Frango teriyaki 30cm€9.15
Menu carne e queijo 30cm€11.42
Delícias do mar 15cm€5.07
Menu frango teriyaki 15cm€8.33
Spicy Italian 15cm€5.81



Lipton ice tea manga€2.15
Compal de manga Madalena€2.15

Menus de Grupo

1 Menu SUB30 + 1 Menu SUB15 + 3 Cookies€22.75
2 Menus SUB30 + 3 Cookies€23.80
2 Menus SUB15 + 3 Cookies€17.70



1 Cookie€1.20
3 Cookies€3.30
6 Cookies€5.95
12 Cookies€11.00

Menu Salada

Menu Salada Caesar€7.94
Menu Salada Feta€6.60



Spicy Italian€4.25

Batatas Fritas

Lays Originais€1.60
Ruffles Originais€1.61
Lays Camponesa€1.60

Mais Sabor por Menos Preço

4 cookies pelo preço de 3€3.29
6 chicken bites pelo preço de 4€2.22


Sub 15cm

BBQ pork 15cm€6.08
Frango teriyaki 15cm€6.08
T.L.C. Teriyaki 15cm€6.08
Carne e queijo 15cm€6.12
Peito de frango 15cm€5.79
SUB Melt 15cm€6.11
Hambúrguer vegan 15cm€5.81
B.M.T italiano 15cm€5.81
Atum 15cm€5.47
Chicken BBQ 15cm€5.87
Almôndegas 15cm€5.14
Frango tikka 15cm€5.50
Perú 15cm€5.17
Almôndegas 15cm€5.14
Fiambre 15cm€4.50


Sub 30cm

Carne e queijo 30cm€9.17
BBQ Pork 30cm€9.13
SUB Melt 30cm€9.16
T.L.C. Teriyaki 30cm€9.13
B.M.T italiano 30cm€8.87
Peito de frango 30cm€8.84
Sub Spicy Italian 30cm€8.87
Hambúrguer Vegan 30cm€8.87
Atum 30cm€8.52
Chicken BBQ 30cm€8.92
Almôndegas 30cm€8.20
Frango tikka 30cm€8.55
SUB Perú 30cm€8.20
Delícias do mar 30cm€8.10
Fiambre 30cm€7.55
Veggie delite 30cm€7.29



4 chicken bites€2.12
Loaded Nachos – Nova Receita€3.75
Batatas no forno grandes€2.25
Ruffles de Presunto€1.73
Ruffles de Ketchup€1.73
12 Chicken Bites€4.86
Lays Camponesas€1.91
Ruffles de Ketchup€1.73
SUBites Chessy BBQ Chicken€1.95
8 Chicken bites€3.85
Subites Spicy Italian€1.95
Subites Chicken Caesar€1.95
Batatas no forno pequenas€1.75
NEW SUBites Spicy Italian€1.95
Lays gourmet€1.75
NEW SUBites T.L.C. Vegan€1.95


Menu Sub 30cm

Menu sub Melt 30cm€11.43
Menu peito de frango 30cm€11.09
Menu T.L.C. Teriyaki Vegan 30cm€11.47
Menu B.M.T italiano 30cm€11.13
Menu almôndegas 30cm€10.46
Menu Sub Spicy Italian 30cm€11.13
Menu Hambúrguer vegan 30cm€11.13
Menu atum 30cm€10.78
Menu Chicken BBQ 30cm€11.17
Menu 30cm Delicias do Mar€10.37
Menu frango tikka 30cm€10.80
Menu Fiambre 30cm€9.82
Menu sub Perú 30cm€10.46
Menu veggie delite 30cm€9.62


Menu Sub 15cm

Menu carne e queijo 15cm€8.37
Menu BBQ pork 15cm€8.33
Menu SUB Melt 15cm€8.37
Menu T.L.C. Teriyaki 15cm€8.33
Menu Hambúrguer vegan 15cm€8.08
Menu B.M.T italiano 15cm€8.08
Menu Sub Spicy Italian 15cm€8.08
Menu peito de frango 15cm€8.04
Menu atum 15cm€7.72
Menu Chicken BBQ 15cm€8.12
Menu almôndegas 15cm€7.40
Menu frango tikka 15cm€7.75
Menu SUB Perú 15cm€7.40
Menu delícias do mar 15cm€7.32
Menu veggie delite 15cm€6.52
Menu Fiambre 15cm€6.77



1 Unidade€1.00
Cookie duplo chocolate vegan€1.20
3 Unidades€2.60
Cookie de pedaços de chocolate€1.20
6 Unidades€4.99
Cookie de gota de chocolate branco e noz macadâmia€1.20
12 Unidades€9.46
Cookie Duplo de Chocolate€1.20
Cookie de gotas de chocolate colorido€1.20
Cookie de cheesecake de framboesa€1.20


Salada Feta€4.53
Salada Caesar€6.63
Salada T.L.C€7.58
Mini salada€1.69
Salada signature frango tikka (dobro proteina)€7.95
Salada signature de atum (dobro proteina)€7.95
Salada signature caesar (dobro proteina)€8.45
Salada signature T.L.C. vegan (dobro proteina)€9.00
Salada signature frango teriyaki (dobro proteina)€9.00



Wrap Steak & Cheese€5.96
Wrap Chicken Caesar€5.90
Wrap T.L.C€6.39
Wrap BBQ Pork€6.20
Wrap BMT Italiano€5.88
Wrap Hamburguer Vegan€5.88
Wrap Peru€5.19
Wrap Atum€5.55

Subs & Menus

Veggie delite€4.50
Peru €5.75
Spicy italian€6.75
Peito de frango€6.75
BBQ pork€7.15

Menu de Grupo

2 Menus sub15+3 cookies€19.90
2 Menus sub30+3 cookies€24.50
1 Menu sub30+ 1menu sub15+3 cookies€25.50


6 Chicken bites (pelo preco de 4)€2.90
4 cookies (pelo preco de 3)€4.00
Sub15 spicy italian€6.75

Feature Items

Batatas no forno (pequena)€2.20
Lays camponesa€2.20
Lays gourmet€2.20
7 UP€2.35
Pepsi zero€2.35
4 Chicken bites€2.90
Batatas no forno (grande)€3.20
Loaded nachos€3.95
3 Cookies €4.00
4 Cookies (pelo preco de 3)€4.00
Batatas no forno (grande)€3.20
1 Cookie€1.50
3 Cookies€4.00
6 Cookies€7.00
12 Cookies€13.00


Frize simples€1.90
Aqua 0.5l€1.90
Ice tea zero limao€2.35
Frize limao€2.35
Pepsi zero€2.35
7 UP€2.35
Compal laranja do algare€2.35
Compal de manga madalena€2.35
Compal de frutos vermethos€2.35
Compal de pessego€2.35

Introduction Subway Menus In Portugal

Subway fast food restaurants have become a favourite in Portugal due to their interesting menu and variety of delicious food. This is the reason why it has won the hearts of regional consumers. This fast food is now introduced as an international chain. It has also established its branches in different cities, towns, and regions of Portugal.

Subway fast food has developed a variety of tastes and preferences in Portugal according to public preferences. These include a variety of sandwiches, including Green Chicken Triple Pitch, Tangy Plus, Taco Chicken, Meatball Manara, Veggie Cheesebun Sandwiches, and Purely Handcrafted Sealed, keeping in mind the quality of health and freshness.

Subway fast food menus in Portugal are reasonably priced, offering many tasty and healthy choices for customers on a reasonable budget. Tea, coffee, and various other beverages are also available, sufficient to meet the nutritional needs of multiple people. Subway menus in Portugal are leaders in providing healthy and nutritious food that meets the public’s perception of health and fitness needs and tastes.

Subway Restaurants in Portugal

Throughout Portugal, there are a total of 15 locations where you can enjoy your custom-made sandwich while staying in Portugal. Below is the list of points of Subway restaurants in Portugal.

  • Albufeira
  • Alges
  • Amadora
  • Angra Do Heroismo
  • Coimbra
  • Faro
  • Leiria
  • Lisboa
  • Lisbon
  • Ponta Delgada
  • Seixal
  • Setubal
  • Vila Do Conde
  • Vila Nova De Gaia
  • Viseu

Subway Portugal: Price Range

Subway is a budget-friendly option in Portugal, offering reasonable rates that don’t compromise on quality or taste. No matter where you are in the country, you can get satisfying and healthy food at Subway restaurants.

Menu Range in Portuguese Subway

Sandwiches, salads, and wraps abound on the Portuguese Subway menu, just as they do on the rest of the globe. Bread, meats, cheeses, veggies, and sauces are all available for customers to personalize their meals. 

Everyone can find something they love at Subway: a classic Italian B.M.T. sandwich or a salad packed with veggies.

Popularity Subway Menus In Portugal

The Subway fast food chain is quickly gaining popularity in Portugal thanks to its timeless menu. And it is making a world-class presence by serving its delicious fast food menu. Its interesting menu is complete health. Committed to providing food products rich in freshness and a variety of flavours. And has reached heights of fame thanks to global recognition and excellent food standards. Subway fast food is increasing the health and focus of the Portuguese people. For consumers looking for healthy food, Subway fast food restaurants play an important role in this search.

Its menu features fresh vegetables and grilled meats, exposing customers to a diverse and delicious dining experience. In short, Subway’s fast food menu is popular in the beautiful country of seas and lakes in Portugal because its healthy dishes combine diverse flavors and regional delights to provide a harmonious experience.

Reputation Subway Menus In Portugal

The booming popularity of Subway’s fast food menu in Portugal, a beautiful country of lakes and gardens, has catapulted it to a level of fame and popularity that takes years to reach. Regional consumers are served interesting, diverse, and healthy foods. The variety of toppings used in Subway fast food, sandwiches, and salads made with healthy ingredients are very beneficial in terms of health. Learn about a food service centre where public enjoyment and freshness are considered.

Subway menus in Portugal provide a balanced sandwich that caters to regional customers. Its menu offers a variety of sandwiches, salads, and beverages to suit regional taste preferences. Subway fast food is reaching heights of popularity due to its quality flavours of healthy food.

Subway Menus Catering In Portugal

Subway’s catering service in Portugal has achieved a high level of excellence, with its menu catering to both domestic and foreign demands. Subway Catering’s menu is attractively laid out. So that people can benefit from it at every opportunity.

This catering service includes sandwiches, salads, chips, cookies, and drinks. These atoms are designed keeping all types of parties in mind. Subway catering is organized so that employees and passengers can meet the needs of every occasion. And serve your delicious food to people who come for special occasions, events, and meetings.
Subway catering service in Portugal is becoming popular day by day. As it provides unique pleasure and excellent services to people, its excellent services create pleasant effects in office and non-office environments. People find satisfaction in hiring him at every opportunity.

Religion & Subway Menus In Portugal

Religion is very important in Portugal. Religion plays an important role in people’s lives. There are groups of different religions, such as Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jews, etc. Subway caters to all religious values ​​in its menu. It contains all kinds of nutrients. People can choose according to their choice.

Subway menu in Portugal includes green chicken, triple pitch, taco chicken, meat, beef, egg, cheese, and various vegetables. With the help of these nutrients, everyone can prepare their sandwiches considering their religious values.

Subway organizes its menu, considering each religious group’s traditions. Everyone can get their nutritional needs according to their religion and physical health. Our menu is arranged keeping in mind the religious and cultural traditions. Religion is an important part of every human life. The subway combines the religious aspect and the secular aspect with auspiciousness.

Subway Menus, Subs, Sandwiches, Salads, Cookies

Religion is very important in Portugal. Religion plays an important role in people’s lives. There are groups of different religions, such as Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jews, etc. Subway caters to all religious values ​​in its menu. It contains all kinds of nutrients. People can choose according to their choice. Subway menus in Portugal provide a fun way to expose people to unique delights and delicious tastes.

The best nutritional ingredients are included in the preparation of sandwiches. The sandwiches include delicious and healthy sandwiches like Oven Roasted Chicken, Black Fo Rest Ham, Veg De Light, Turkey Breast, Green Chicken, Triple Peach, and Taco Chicken. People enjoy them as per their wishes.

Fresh fruits and vegetables used in salads are beneficial for people in terms of health. Its menu includes items like Greek Salad Chicken, Wing Salad, and Tender Chicken Salad.

Cookies and desserts included in Subway’s menu also give people enjoyment as sweet dishes, including chocolate chips, Greek Yogurt par fat, and Atoms like people eat with gusto. These sweets make people’s happy moments more pleasant.
Subway menus in Portugal have a special quality of their own. For those who enjoy nutritious food, Subway’s menu offers a perfect blend of health and nutrition.

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  1. How many Subway restaurants are there in Portugal, and where are they located?

You can find a Subway in popular tourist destinations like Albufeira, Lisbon, Faro, and Coimbra, making it convenient for you to enjoy a healthy meal while exploring the country.

  1. Are Subway menu prices in Portugal similar to those in other countries?

While Subway menu prices may vary slightly due to geographic differences, they generally offer reasonable rates without compromising quality or taste.

  1. What types of items can be found on the Subway menu in Portugal?

Customers can customize their meals with bread, meats, cheeses, vegetables, and sauces.

  1. How does Subway cater to customers on a budget in Portugal?

Subway is a great option for budget-conscious diners in Portugal. It offers fair prices without sacrificing quality. With its low costs and diverse menu, Subway provides value for money to its customers.

  1. How can customers make healthier choices when ordering at Subway in Portugal?

At Subway in Portugal, making healthier choices is easy. You can opt for items with fewer calories, such as salads or sandwiches with lean meats and plenty of vegetables. This way, you can enjoy a delicious meal while taking care of your health. 


In Portugal, Subway offers a diverse menu of sandwiches, salads, and wraps across its 15 locations. With reasonable prices and customizable options, Subway provides a great dining experience for those seeking affordable and healthy meals. 

Whether you’re in Albufeira or Lisbon, Subway’s commitment to quality and variety ensures there’s something for everyone to enjoy while exploring Portugal.

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