I will tell you in this article about SUBWAY MENUS PRICE IN FRANCE: Subway has become a popular topic in France due to its exciting menu and reasonable prices. It features country specialties and cuisines. Subway is known as a popular fast-food chain in France. Attractive menus full of flavors became the focus of people’s attention. Subway’s deliciously rich menus have a wide variety of items.

Like the traditional Subway Sandwich, Chicken Beef Sandwich, Subway Club Sandwich and Salad, etc., it has a unique taste and many menus. Due to this, consumers can choose their products according to their quality and preferences. France Price Analysis Subway fast food prices are generally in the middle.

But there are differences in different regions and cities. Generally, prices are higher in big cities in Asia, while prices are lower in smaller towns and villages. French people are often fond of fine dining and a variety of cuisines. Subway’s menu aims to meet this expectation. Naturally, his restaurant menus are infused with French flavors, providing different and delicious food to the customers.


Menus SUB 30

Veggie Delite® Menu SUB30®€12.50
Sub Mexicano Menu SUB30®€13.90
Poulet Menu SUB30®€13.70
Dinde Menu SUB30®€13.10
Thon Menu SUB30®€13.90
Galette de légumes Végan Menu SUB30®€13.70
Jambon Menu SUB30®€13.10
Italien B.M.T.® Menu SUB30®€13.90
Veggie Quinoa Kale Menu SUB30®€13.90
Subway Melt™ Menu SUB30®€14.10
Poulet Tikka Menu SUB30®€14.10
Poulet Teriyaki Menu SUB30®€14.10
Bœuf Pastrami Menu SUB30®€14.30
Subway Steak & Cheese® Menu SUB30€14.10
Steakhouse Menu SUB30€14.10


Menus SUB15 et Wraps

Veggie Delite® Menu SUB15®€9.70
Jambon Menu SUB15®€10.20
Dinde Menu SUB15®€10.20
Veggie Quinoa Kale Menu SUB15®€10.90
Italian B.M.T.® Menu SUB15€10.90
Thon Menu SUB15®€10.90
Sub Mexicano Menu SUB15®€10.90
Galette de légumes Végan Menu SUB15®€10.60
Subway Steak & Cheese® Menu SUB15®€11.60
Steakhouse Menu SUB15®€11.20
Poulet Teriyaki Menu SUB15®€11.20
Bœuf Pastrami Menu SUB15®€11.60
Subway Melt™ Menu SUB15®€11.20
Poulet Tikka Menu SUB15®€11.20


Menus Salades

Bœuf Pastrami Menu Salade€13.10
Subway Steak & Cheese® Menu Salade€13.10
Poulet Tikka Menu Salade€12.60
Poulet Teriyaki Menu Salade€12.70
Italien B.M.T.® Menu Salade€12.40
Veggie Quinoa Kale Menu Salade€12.40
Galette de légumes Végan Menu Salade€12.10
Subway Melt™ Menu Salade€12.70
Dinde Menu Salade€11.70
Jambon Menu Salade€11.70
Poulet Menu Salade€12.10
Thon Menu Salade€11.70
Veggie Delite® Menu Salade€11.20
Sub Mexicano Menu Salade€11.10
Steakhouse Menu Salade€13.10

Menus Signature Wraps

Poulet Caesar Menu Signature Wrap€11.80

Tous les sandwiches

Subway Steak & Cheese€8.70€12.10
Poulet Teriyaki€8.40€11.90
Bœuf Pastrami€8.70€12.10
Italien B.M.T.®€8.15€11.80
Poulet Tikka€8.40€11.90
Galette de légumes Végan€7.75€11.40
Subway Melt™€8.40€11.90
Veggie Quinoa Kale€8.15€11.80
Sub Mexicano€9.40€13.90
Veggie Delite®€6.70€10.30



Bœuf Pastrami Salade€10.70
Subway Steak & Cheese® Salade€10.70
Poulet Tikka Salade€10.40
Poulet Teriyaki Salade€10.40
Subway Melt™ Salade€10.40
Italien B.M.T.® Salade€10.15
Jambon Salade€9.25
Galette de légumes Végan Salade€9.75
Thon Salade€10.15
Dinde Salade€9.25
Veggie Delite® Salade€8.70
Poulet Salade€9.75
Steakhouse Salade€10.40
Mexicano Salade€13.90
Veggie Quinoa Kale Salade€10.15


Prix Tasty

Röstis x9€6.00
Röstis x16€12.00
Crousti Chicken x16€12.00
Röstis x6€3.90
Crousti Chicken x6€3.90
Crousti Chicken x9€6.00



Pepsi Max 50cl€4.20
Pepsi Regular 50cl€4.20
Pulco Citronnade 50cl€4.20
Oasis Tropical 50cl€4.20
Lipton Framboise 50cl€4.20
Lipton Ice Tea Pêche 50cl€4.20
Orangina 50cl€4.20
Lipton Green Ice Tea Citron vert Menthe 50cl€4.20
7Up Mojito 50cl€4.20
7UP Free 50cl€4.20
Volvic Nature 50cl€3.90
Schweppes Agrumes 50cl€4.20
Volvic Juicy Fraise 50cl€3.90
Volvic Citron 50cl€3.90
Tropicana Pomme 25cl€3.50
Tropicana Orange 25cl€3.50
Badoit 50cl€3.90

Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s Vanille Pecan Brittle 100ml€4.90
Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough 100ml€4.90
Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough 465ml€11.90
Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie 100ml€4.90
Ben & Jerry’s Dulce De-Lish 100ml€4.90
Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla Pecan Blondie 465ml€11.90


Cookie Pépites de Chocolat€1.90
Cookie Cheesecake & Framboise€1.90
Cookie Double Chocolat€1.90
Donut Sucre€3.10
Cookie Dragées Chocolatées€1.90
Les 2 Vaches Bio Vanille 115gr€3.20
Donut au Chocolat€3.10
Pom’Potes Bio Pomme Fraise 90gr€3.10
Les 2 Vaches Bio Framboise 115gr€3.20
Pom’Potes Bio Pomme Nature 90gr€3.10
3 x Cookies Double Chocolat€4.50
Trio de mini beignets€4.50
3 x Cookie Dragées Chocolatées€4.50
12 x Pack Cookies (3x Pépites choco + 3x Double choco + 3x Dragées choco + 3x Macadamia)€12.00
3 x Cookies Pépites de Chocolat€4.50
3 x Cookies Chocolat Blanc & Macadamia€4.50


Chips Lay’s Barbecue€2.50
Chips Lay’s Nature€2.50
Doritos Sweet Chili Pepper€2.50
Chips Lay’s Sel & Vinaigre€2.50
Doritos Nacho Cheese€2.50

Introduction of Subway Menus Price in France

Subway fast food in France is vital in serving delicious food with its delightful menu and competitive prices. The main priority of this fast food chain is to promote flavours and cater to the French community. Keep a close eye on their further development projects.

Subway’s menu has a variety of attractive Asian dishes. For example, traditional Subway Sandwiches, Spicy Beef Sandwiches, Roast Beef Sandwiches, Turkey Breast, Subway Club Sandwiches, Veggie Delight Sandwiches, and Meatball Manara Sandwiches are enough to please a variety of palates.

Their prices are usually fair and reasonable, which promises to provide consumers with high-quality and healthy food. The provision of these foods varies in other cities. But the French welcome the subway menu where they can find delicious food and convenient meals on the subway platform.


Reputation of Subway Menus In France

In France, Subway Fasted has made a deep impression in political and religious circles here, thanks to its political and religious circles and its healthy menu. Subway has become a favourite restaurant in France due to its fine ingredients, high-quality food, elegance, and healthy engagement. Its interesting sandwich toppings offer a delicious and imaginative concept. Subway has become a well-known local and international food restaurant due to its exquisite flavours.

The French know Subway fast food as a famous centre for healthy and delicious food. And here, they fully trust the quality and status of this restaurant. A fast food chain that provides delightful food is considered a favourite and popular place in the hearts of regional customers.

Popularity Of Subway Menus In France

Due to the interest and growing popularity of the Subway menu in France, this restaurant has gained the love and preference of regional customers. Here in France, Subway has gained the confidence to be famous for its varied and healthy cuisine. Samway has organized its menus, keeping French flavours in front.

There are several types of sandwiches, including Subway Sandwiches and Veggie Delight Sandwiches. Chicken Steak, Traditional Chicken Sandwiches, and Green Sails and Sails are hitting the local crowd. To further expand its reach in the regional market, Subway has allowed its customers to reach many areas, cities, railway stations, airports, bus stops, and other public places.

Who is playing an active role in bringing delicious food to the customers? Thanks to this public service and high quality, its future has become bright. Subway France’s food services have increased in popularity at the regional and international levels. It’s done.

Subway Menus Sandwiches, Wraps, Subs, Salads, Cookies in France

The menu of Subway Restaurant provides balanced and tasty food. It includes a variety of ingredients. Here, we will provide information about the ingredients of these foods. The menu of Subway Sandwiches has traditional sandwiches. It is based on the ingredients and parts of meat. Tuna and various types of sauces in these sandwiches contribute to their popularity.

Subway’s wraps are also a standard preference. These unique ingredients, like Hot Chicken Wraps, Tandoori Chicken Wraps, and Taka Chicken Wraps, come together. Toppings and sauces are local favourites that give meat and vegetable ingredients a delicious, dry flavour.

Subway Salads are also available with choices like Green Chicken Salads, Tandoori Chicken Salads. and Veggie Chopty Salads. These salads provide the perfect healthy treat to satisfy the unique flavours. Subway cookies are also part of the hearty menu. They include chocolate chips, oatmeal raisins, and healthy and natural cakes, which are part of people’s delicious diets. Subway’s menus offer balanced meals for every taste, which provides a healthy and delightful dining experience. It allows you to choose.

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