In this article, I will tell you about SUBWAY MENU PRICES IN PANAMA:

You have carvings from Elite Chicken & Bacon Ranch to All American Club Subway in Panama. One of the world-famous fast-food chains offers you something no matter what you are carving for. 

Suppose you are searching for something closer to traditional or want to try something different. In that case, the subway has something for you. Subway Menu Prices in Panama may differ from other franchises due to location and food variation. 

It is mainly liked by people due to their custom offers. It means you can make your own food according to your tastes. 

Diet-conscious people can get better results from it. For example, if you are ordering The Ultimate B. M. T, you can choose the type of bread used in the sandwich. 

Different types of bread are there, from Flatbread with 280 calories only to Italian Herbs & cheese bread with 500 calories per bread.

Fun Fact: Established in 1974, Subway has grown to over 24,129 franchises in the United States alone. 

We have established restaurants in different Panama cities dedicated to promptly providing customers with the pleasure of their favourite food. We can also avail of Subway Restaurant services online and stay informed about the latest promotions and prices.


Picked For You

Sub de Pavo y Jamón$4.50
Sub Atún$5.00
Sub Pollo Teriyaki$5.25
Sub Pollo & Bacon Ranch$5.50


Combos Ciabatta

Chicken Pesto Ciabatta$6.00
Garlic Steak Ciabatta$6.00
Italian Ciabatta$5.50



Sub Carne$5.00
Sub Mariscos y Cangrejo$5.00

Combos Signature Wraps

Turkey bacon avocado$6.25
Chicken caesar wrap$6.50
Chipotle Steak$7.00


Combos Salteados


Combos Subs

Sub Pollo Teriyaki$5.25
Sub Italiano B.M.T$5.00
Sub de Pavo$4.50
Sub de Pechuga de Pollo$5.00
Pizza Sub$4.50
Subway Melt$5.25
Sub Italiano B.M.T$5.00
Sub Atún$5.00
Sub de Pavo y Jamón $4.50
Sub Pollo & Bacon Ranch$5.50
Sub BBQ Ribs$5.50
Sub Pollo Pizziola$5.25
Sub Pollo Pizziola $5.25
Sub Deleite Vegetariano$4.50
Subs Pollo Rostizado$5.25
Sub de Jamón$4.50
Sub Spicy Italian$5.00



Easy order sandwich platter$45.99
Easy order platter$ 55.99
Subway series sandwich platter$58.99

Box Meals

Easy order sandwich lunch box$7.49
Subway salad lunch box$9.99
Subway series lunch box$9.49
Easy order wrap lunch box$9.99



Toppings platter$13.99

Bottled Beverages

Bottled coca cola beverages$2.39
Bottled beverages$2.39
Hubert’s gallon lemonade$7.19


Cookies by the dozen$7.79
Cookie platter$21.99

Combos subs

Combo sub pechuga de pollo$7.25
Combo sub pizza sub melt$7.25
Combo sub vegetariano con queso$7.25
Combo sub pavo y jamon$7.50
Combo sub pavo$7.50
Combo sub italiano B.M.T.$7.75
Combo sub atun$7.75
Combo sub italiano clasico$8.00
Combo sub pollo pizziola melt$8.00
Combo sub pollo teriyaki$8.00
Combo sub pollo estilo rostizado$8.25
Combo sub BBQ ribs$8.25
Combo sub carne y queso$8.50
Combo sub pollo & bacon ranch melt$8.50
Combo sub subway melt$8.50

Combos Salteados

Combo sub salteado tripleta$8.75
Combo sub salteado saltimbocca$8.75
Combo sub salteado mongolian$8.75


Papas western $1.85
Galleta 3 unidades$2.60
Sopa de queso y brocoli$3.10


Soda lata 12 oz$1.60
Jugo del Valle 330ml$1.60
Botella de aqua 20oz$1.60
Powerade 20oz$2.25

Introduction Subway Menu in Panama

Subway fast food is now famous in Panama for its exciting healthy menu and popularity among the masses. It is known as a unique and charming restaurant in all sectors of the country. Where usually, fresh chicken, beef, fresh vegetables, prepared sandwiches with different sauces, healthy salads, and drinks are available, providing customers with various tastes. Provides ample opportunity for enjoyment.

Subway Fast Food Sandwich Chicken Triple Steak Sandwich Chicken Subway Veggie Delight Subway Club Sandwich Steak and Cheese Sandwich – Chicken Teriyaki – Italian BMT. Chicken Slice. Roast meat. Turkey breast and chicken slice sandwich. Healthy snacks and drinks are available.

These sandwiches also have toppings and sauces catering to many other tastes. These sandwiches combine fresh vegetables, chicken or meat, and healthy, balanced sauces, giving the public the best chance to enjoy other ingredients. Subway Fast Food provides an excellent opportunity for Panamanians at reasonable prices. Making available healthy food at affordable prices. It has become a popular choice for local consumers. This platform provides delicious healthy food in a beautiful environment, keeping health in mind.

Popularity of Subway Menu In Panama

Subway’s fast food menu is very famous and popular among local and international customers in Panama. Its growing popularity is due to its public acceptance and emphasis on health with flavours. Subway Fast Food offers exciting dishes. The menu offers healthy and wholesome food options. This thing has become dear to Panamanians.

Subway Sandwich also creates other diverse flavours and delicious products that make consumer dining more fun and exciting. For example, Steak and Cheese.Chicken Fajita.Italian BMT.Oven Roasted Chicken.Chicken Tandoori.Veggie Delight. Chicken, ham, egg, and cheese.

Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich. There are a variety of toppings and sauces to make any sandwich delicious. Subway Menus is dedicated to meeting the preferences and expectations of the Panamanian public. Subway Menu has now reduced its standard prices to reasonable prices. Thanks to this, it provides quality food to the locals at an affordable price. This has led to its popularity as a reliable fast-food chain in Panama that prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Subway Menu Sandwiches, Wraps, Salads, Cookies in Panama

The Subway menu in Panama is extensive. Everyone gets a chance to get a variety of sandwiches of their choice. Foodies can satisfy their cravings here with nutritious and healthy food. Subway sandwiches have a variety of meat, chicken, and vegetable options that make the sandwich delicious and flavorful. There are a variety of chutneys and ketchup mayonnaise to make the sandwich more delicious.

Subway also has healthy and delicious options. Different types of spices are used in its preparation. Including cumin and cinnamon in the recipe enhances the enjoyment of the breakfast for the customers. Everyone’s salads are also very healthy; they include fresh vegetables, fruits, chicken, and meat, providing consumers with nutrition and health.

The cookies and sweets included in Subway’s menu also give a distinct taste, with the various fruits and chocolates having a pleasant effect on the diners. Subway’s menu in Panama offers unique and healthy delicious food options, and people get nutrition, health, and fun all at once. This is the reason why it is gaining popularity among people.

Subway: Variety for all

A notable feature of Subway is its vast menu, which accommodates various palates and dietary requirements. Subway ensures a sandwich fits every palate, offering everything from traditional options like the Italian B.M.T. and the Turkey Breast to healthier options like the Veggie Delite and the Black Forest Ham.

The Experience of Subway

Fresh ingredients, made-to-order sandwiches, and customized options make Subway popular. Customers can select their bread, protein, vegetables, and sauces, emphasizing healthy options. Subway wants you to have a quick and tasty experience whether you order online, pick up, or eat in.

Healthy Choices Without Going Over Budget

Subway is committed to providing affordable, health-conscious options. With a variety of whole-grain breads, lean proteins, and fresh vegetables, you can enjoy a wholesome meal without worrying about your budget. At Subway, eating healthy is not a luxury; it’s a choice we make accessible to all.

Religion & Subway Menu In Panama

Religion is an essential and respected component in Panama. People here are followers of all religions; thanks to international fast food chains like Subway, different religious groups, and people come together in an atmosphere of love and unity.

Every religious group trusts Subway’s menu because of its delicious and healthy food content. The menu here includes meat, beef, fish, chicken, and various vegetables. These foods are according to the wishes of followers of every religion and religion. Another feature of Subway‘s menu is that it allows people with religious beliefs to choose food according to their preferences.

A variety of sandwiches are available. Subway Menu in Panama is a favorite fast food chain of all religious groups due to its delicious and healthy food. Here, people are provided with a friendly environment with courtesy and respect. People enjoy their favorite foods in pleasant surroundings.

Reputation Subway Menu In Panama

Subway Menu in Panama is one of the best restaurants that offers unique and healthy food; due to its local and international reputation and support, Subway Menu in Panama is known for its excellent service and healthy food. Is. Due to this, it is gaining popularity among logos.
One of the significant reasons for Subway’s local and global popularity is its commitment to providing healthy food where the nutrients are highly suitable and beneficial for health.

Subway’s sandwiches have countless meat, beef, chicken, fish, and vegetable options to suit all tastes while keeping health in mind; people consider Subway the best source of healthy food. One of the hallmarks of Subway’s menu is that it is trusted locally and globally for its fresh local ingredients and unique items for multi-pleasure, making it easy for people to choose their favourite.

Subway Menu in Panama is growing as a world-renowned restaurant for its high-quality food offerings that rule people’s hearts for its mouth-watering dishes.


  1. Are Subway menu prices in Panama different from other franchises?

Yes, Subway menu prices in Panama may vary due to location and food variation. However, Subway’s commitment to offering affordable options remains consistent across all franchises.

  1. What makes Subway popular among diet-conscious individuals?

They believe in empowering our customers to make choices that suit their dietary needs. Whether you’re looking for a specific type of bread or prefer healthier protein and vegetable options, you can customize your order.

  1. How many Subway points are there in Panama?

While the exact number may vary, Subway has a significant presence in Panama and offers convenient access to its menu offerings.

  1. What sets Subway apart in terms of customer experience?

Whether ordering online, for pick-up, or dining in, we strive to provide a quick and tasty experience tailored to your preferences. We aim to make your dining experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible, no matter how busy your schedule.

  1. Can I enjoy healthy options at Subway without exceeding my budget?

With affordable whole-grain bread, lean protein choices, and fresh vegetable selections, Subway makes it easy to enjoy nutritious meals while staying within budget. Customization options allow customers to create meals supporting their health goals.

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Subway stands out in Panama as a versatile and customer-centric fast-food option. It offers a diverse menu and caters to various tastes and dietary needs. 

They make sure dining experience for all patrons. Whether craving a classic sandwich or seeking healthier alternatives, Subway’s commitment to quality and choice makes it a favorite among locals and visitors.

Subway has earned a reputation for its high efficiency in many countries. Also, in Panama, Subway’s menu is recognized as a restaurant serving healthy food. Over the years, it has been gaining popularity among followers of various faiths and religions. Its menu provides locals with nutrients for their familiar tastes and delights. This has made it easy for people to choose their favourite food.

Subway’s menu in Panama serves healthy food at affordable prices to locals. This makes it easy for people to get the food they want. People enjoy delicious and healthy food in a pleasant environment. Subway menus in Panama provide options tailored to religious values, religious groups, and different personal preferences. It provides a harmonious and civilized environment in religious and inter-religious dialogue. Subway Menu has earned its place in the hearts of people in Panama due to its delicious food at reasonable prices and high performance.

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