In this, I will tell you about SUBWAY MENU PRICES IN GUATEMALA: In Guatemala, I give you details about attractive menu prices, known almost worldwide for their diverse and delicious flavours. The prices of this Keminuki vary from country to country.

A Subway fast food menu usually consists of sandwiches and salads with various sauces and beverages. You can also get details from the official website for its pricing and latest information.



Bandeja de Jamones x Q179Q179.00
Bandeja de Wraps x Q179Q179.00
Bandeja de 15 subs o 16 wraps + 10 galletasQ215.00
Bandeja de 15 subs o 16 wraps + 5 papalinas.Q219.00
Bandeja de 15 subs o 16 wraps + 10 Galletas + 5 papalinas.Q250.00


Nuevos Combos

Promoción para 4Q209.00
Catering FootlongsQ286.00


Combos 30 cm

Combo Sub Pollo Empanizado 30cmQ43.00
Combo Sub Vegetariano 30cmQ48.00
Combo Sub Vegetariano 30cmQ48.00
Combo Sub Jamón 30cmQ61.00
Combo Sub Jamón y Pavo 30cmQ63.00
Combo Sub Pizza sub 30cmQ63.00
Combo Sub Roastbeef 30cmQ66.00
Combo Sub Italiano B.M.T 30cmQ67.00
Combo Sub Atún 30cmQ67.00
Combo Sub Pizziola 30cmQ69.00
Combo Sub Pavo 30cmQ69.00
Combo Sub Pollo Cordon Bleu 30cmQ69.00
Combo Sub Pollo estilo Teriyaki 30cmQ69.00
Combo Sub Pollo Estilo Rostizado 30cmQ70.00
Combo Sub Carved turkey 30cmQ70.00
Combo Sub Carnitas 30cmQ70.00
Combo Sub Costilla BBQ 30cmQ70.00

2×1 por Ellas,Muffins

2×1 Muffin frijoleroQ15.00
2×1 Muffin jamón y huevoQ15.00
2×1 Muffin huevo y quesoQ15.00
2×1 Muffin huevo y tocinoQ17.00
2×1 Muffin huevo y salchichaQ17.00
2×1 Muffin chapínQ17.00
Pollo EmpanizadoQ13.08
Combo JuevesQ38.00
Combo LunesQ38.00


Pechuga de PolloQ16.04
Vegetariano con AguacateQ20.02
Pizza SubQ31.02
Jamón y PavoQ31.02
Pollo Estilo TeriyakiQ37.02
Pollo Cordon BleuQ37.02
Pollo Estilo RostizadoQ38.00
Carved TurkeyQ38.00
Sub Costilla BBQQ38.00

Combo del Día

Combo MartesQ38.00
Combo DomingoQ38.00
Combo SabadoQ38.00
Combo MiercolesQ38.00
Combo ViernesQ38.15

Desayunos Muffin

Muffin frijoleroQ14.88
Muffin huevo y quesoQ15.00
Muffin chapínQ17.00
Muffin huevo y tocinoQ18.92
Muffin huevo y salchichaQ19.27



Muffin jamón y huevoQ16.92
Muffin frijol y quesoQ17.00


Sub frijol y quesoQ20.00
Sub jamón y huevoQ20.69

Combos 15 cm

Combo Sub Pollo Empanizado 15cmQ30.00
Combo Sub Vegetariano 15cmQ33.00
Combo Sub Jamón 15cmQ46.00
Combo Sub Jamón y Pavo 15cmQ48.00
Combo Sub Roastbeef 15cmQ51.00
Combo Sub Subway Club 15cmQ52.00
Combo Sub Atún 15cmQ52.00
Combo Sub Italiano B.M.T 15cmQ52.00
Combo Sub Pizziola 15cmQ54.00
Combo Sub Pavo 15cmQ54.00
Combo Sub Pollo estilo Teriyaki 15cmQ54.00
Combo Sub Pollo Cordon Bleu 15cmQ54.00
Combo Sub Carved turkey 15cmQ55.00
Combo Sub Carnitas 15cmQ55.00
Combo Sub Costilla BBQ 15cmQ55.00


Desayunos Sub

Sub frijoleroQ16.13
Sub huevo y quesoQ18.00
Sub chapínQ19.75
Sub huevo y tocinoQ23.77
Sub huevo y salchichaQ24.27

Combo Wrap

Combo Wrap Pollo Empanizado 15cmQ30.00
Combo Wrap Vegetariano 15cmQ33.00
Combo Wrap Pechuga de pollo 15cmQ33.00
Combo Wrap Jamón 15cmQ46.00
Combo Wrap Jamón y Pavo 15cmQ48.00
Combo Wrap Pizza Sub 15cmQ48.00
Combo Wrap Roastbeef 15cmQ51.00
Combo Wrap Subway Club 15cmQ52.00
Combo Wrap Atún 15cmQ52.00
Combo Wrap Italiano B.M.T 15cmQ52.00
Combo Wrap Pizziola 15cmQ54.00
Combo Wrap Pavo 15cmQ54.00
Combo Wrap Pollo estilo Teriyaki 15cmQ54.00
Combo Wrap Pollo Cordon Bleu 15cmQ54.00
Combo Wrap Pollo Estilo Rostizado 15cmQ55.00
Combo Wrap Carved turkey 15cmQ55.00
Combo Wrap Carnitas 15cmQ55.00
Combo Wrap Costilla BBQ 15cmQ55.00

Subs 15 cm

Sub Pollo Empanizado 15cmQ13.00
Sub Pechuga de pollo 15cmQ16.00
Vegetariano con Aguacate 15 cmQ20.00
Sub Jamón 15cmQ29.00
Sub Jamón y Pavo 15cmQ31.00
Sub Pizza sub 15cmQ31.00
Sub Roastbeef 15cmQ34.00
Sub Subway Club 15cmQ35.00
Sub Atún 15cmQ35.00
Sub Italiano B.M.T 15cmQ35.00
Sub Pizziola 15cmQ37.00
Sub Pavo 15cmQ37.00
Sub Pollo estilo Teriyaki 15cmQ37.00
Sub Pollo Cordon Bleu 15cmQ37.00
Sub Carnitas 15cmQ38.00
Sub Pollo Estilo Rostizado 15cmQ38.00
Sub Carved turkey 15cmQ38.00
Sub Costilla BBQ 15cmQ38.00

Subs 30 cm

Sub Pollo Empanizado 30cmQ26.00
Sub Pechuga de pollo 30cmQ32.00
Vegetariano con Aguacate 30 cmQ35.00
Sub Jamón 30cmQ44.00
Sub Jamón y Pavo 30cmQ46.00
Sub Pizza sub 30cmQ46.00
Sub Roastbeef 30cmQ49.00
Sub Subway Club 30cmQ50.00
Sub Atún 30cmQ50.00
Sub Italiano B.M.T 30cmQ50.00
Sub Pizziola 30cmQ52.00
Sub Pavo 30cmQ52.00
Sub Pollo estilo Teriyaki 30cmQ52.00
Sub Pollo Cordon Bleu 30cmQ52.00
Sub Carnitas 30cmQ53.00
Sub Costilla BBQ 30cmQ53.00



Wrap Pollo Empanizado 15cmQ13.00
Wrap Vegetariano 15cmQ16.00
Wrap Pechuga de pollo 15cmQ16.00
Wrap Jamón 15cmQ29.00
Wrap Jamón y Pavo 15cmQ31.00
Wrap Pizza Wrap 15cmQ31.00
Wrap Roastbeef 15cmQ34.00
Wrap Subway Club 15cmQ35.00
Wrap Atún 15cmQ35.00
Wrap Italiano B.M.T 15cmQ35.00
Wrap Pizziola 15cmQ37.00
Wrap Pavo 15cmQ37.00
Wrap Pollo estilo Teriyaki 15cmQ37.00
Wrap Pollo Cordon Bleu 15cmQ37.00
Wrap Carnitas 15cmQ38.00
Wrap Pollo Estilo Rostizado 15cmQ38.00
Wrap Carved turkey 15cmQ38.00
Wrap Costilla BBQ 15cmQ38.00


Ensaladas SubwayQ39.00



1 GalletaQ5.21
Manzana verdeQ8.00
2 GalletasQ10.00
Apple PieQ10.36
3 GalletasQ13.71
10 GalletasQ31.43


Jugo de NaranjaQ7.00
Gaseosa lataQ7.46
Agua puraQ7.46
Té LiptonQ12.06
1.5 Litros de PepsiQ20.13

Introduction Subway menus in Guatemala

Introducing Subway fast food in Guatemala, people here think its food is healthy, tasty, and exciting. The Subway fast food chain has become a popular quick-food chain that produces sandwiches globally, which has set new development records in every place and region. The Subway fast food chain has established branches in several cities in Guatemala. It has introduced various products with a keen interest in regional consumer preferences and tastes. The platform also offers a great mix of flavours to the public, including Subway Club Sandwiches, Beef Sandwiches, Chicken Teriyaki Sandwiches, Meatball Minara Sandwiches, Veggie Delight Sandwiches, Chicken Sandwich Chips, and a wide variety of salads.

Subway is always busy promoting delicious and fresh food on its menu. They are full of nutrients and exciting colours and flavours. This allows consumers to enjoy other flavours. Subway fast food chains are gaining popularity in Guatemala, which has made its place as a movement in every region, city, and town. And have raised flags of popularity at the local and international level.

Popularity of Subway Menus in Guatemala

Subway Restaurant has built an excellent reputation in Guatemala. It is known for providing superior service and quality healthy food. Its varied menu is filled with various delicious flavours and items catering to many tastes. Provides a beautiful mix of settings. Subway has outlets in many cities in Guatemala and is well-received by local customers. Its high quality and reasonably priced healthy fresh food create a beautiful location and character.
Guatemalan consumers can enjoy various flavours and experiences, thus making their dreams come true.

Subway fast food chains in Guatemala respect their menu’s local and economic characteristics, so they cater to other citizens’ tastes. Thanks to this collective and social role, they have awakened love and devotion among the local people. That’s why food providers in Guatemala benefit local and non-local people with their delicious food.

Popularity Subway menus in Guatemala

Subway restaurants would become one of the most popular fast-food chains among Guatemalan residents. It offers a broad and balanced menu of delicious sandwiches and other healthy options. You can choose your food accordingly. The popularity of Subway fast food chains is due to their popularity based on fresh and wholesome ingredients and reasonable prices. Here, people are served unique types of sandwiches. which the hearts of the local people are satisfied.
Subway restaurants in Guatemala serve coffee that beautifully satisfies the taste buds of local women. It serves as a regional feast among the local people.

What adds to its popularity is the unique taste features and social services provided to people. Subway restaurants in Guatemala are known as heart-warming chains. Its healthy ingredients contribute to the popularity of its menu, giving Guatemalans an exciting experience of the landscape of delicious delights.


Subway Menus In Guatemala

Their menu in Guatemala features Subway Club Sandwiches, a speciality of beef sandwiches. Various hearty and healthy flavours like Veggie Delight Sandwiches, Chicken Tikka Sandwiches, Chicken Swimming Sandwiches, and Salads are made according to your wishes. You can add as much or as little as you like.

Salads and sandwiches have unique ingredients to suit residents’ individual preferences. They use a variety of vegetables, fresh meats, and sauces to provide healthy meals. Subway Fast Food’s delicious sandwiches and aromatic flavours offer the opportunity to provide sweet satisfaction to tiredness. The delightful and savoury sweets include cakes, cookies, and chocolate sandwiches. Subway Restaurant’s menu caters to the unique tastes of the Guatemalan people, providing people with all kinds of delights.

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