Subway Menu Price In Switzerland

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Subway Switzerland NEU-Sparmenus-Subway Signature Series Prices

Sparmenu-subway signature series-15cmCHF 6.70
Sparmenu-subway signature series-30cmCHF 6.70

Subway Switzerland NEU Subway Signature Series Prices

The captain (15cm)CHF 10.60
The BBQ master (15cm)CHF 1160
The Philly boss (15cm)CHF 11.90
Notorious B.M.T.(15cm)CHF 11.60
Fieata fajita fajita (15cm)CHF 12.70
Great caesar (15cm)CHF 13.20
Furious chicken (15cm)CHF 13.20
The captain footlong (30cm)CHF 18.50
Legendary teriyaki footlong (30cm)CHF 19.30
Plant-based legendary teriyaki footlong (30cm)CHF 19.30
Notorious B.M.T. footlong (30cm)CHF 19
The philly boss footlong (30cm)CHF 19.30
The BBQ master footlong (30cm)CHF 19
Furious chicken footlong (30cm)CHF 21.80
Fiesta fajita footlong (30cm)CHF 21.10
Great caesar footlong (30cm)CHF 21.80

Subway Switzerland Footlong SUB 30 (30)-Classics Prices

Veggie delite sub footlong (30cm)CHF 14.60
Ham sub footlong (30cm)CHF 16.60
Salami sub footlong (30cm)CHF 16.60
Spicy vegan patty sub footlong (30cm)CHF 16.60
Italian B.M.T. sub footlong (30cm)CHF 17.65
Plant-based chicken teriyaki sub footlong (30cm)CHF 17.90
BBQ rib sub footlong (30cm)CHF17.65
Chicken teriyaki sub footlong (30cm)CHF 17.90
Chicken fajita sub footlong (30cm)CHF 17.65
The BBQ master footlong (30cm)CHF 19.00
Ferious chicken footlong (30cm)CHF 21.80

Subway Switzerland SUB15 (15cm)-Classics Prices

Veggie delite sub (15cm)CHF 7.90
Tuna sub (15cm)CHF 9.90
Italian B.M.T.sub (15cm)CHF 10.95
BBQ rib sub (15cm)CHF 10.95
Chicken fajita sub (15cm)CHF 10.95
Ham sub (15cm)CHF 9.90
Spicy vegan patty sub (15cm)CHF 9.90
Salami sub (15cm)CHF 9.90
Steak & cheese sub (15cm)CHF 11.40
Chicken teriyaki sub (15cm)CHF 11.20
Plant-based chicken teriyaki sub (15cm)CHF 11.20
Rotissery-style chicken sub (15cm)CHF 11.60
Roast beef sub (15cm)CHF 11.40

Subway Switzerland Wrap Classics Prices

Veggie delite wrapCHF 7.90
Roast beef sub (15cm)CHF 11.40
Tuna wrapCHF 13.30
Ham wrapCHF 13.30
Salami wrapCHF 13.30
Spicy vegan patty wrapCHF 13.30
BBQ rib wrapCHF 14.35
Chicken fajita wrapCHF 14.35
Steak & cheese wrapCHF 14.80
Italian B.M.T.wrapCHF 14.35
Roast beef wrapCHF 14.80
Chicken teriyaki wrapCHF 14.60
Plant-based chicken teriyaki wrapCHF 14.60

Subway Switzerland Salad-Classics prices

Veggie delite saladCHF 8.90
Ham & cheese saladCHF 10.40
Spicy vegan patty saladCHF 10.40
Tuna saladCHF 10.40
BBQ rib saladCHF 11.90
Chicken fajita saladCHF 11.90
Roast beef saladCHF 12.20
Rotissery-style chicken saladCHF 12.20
Chicken teriyaki saladCHF 12.20
Plant-based chicken teriyaki saladCHF 12.20

Subway Menu Price In Switzerland: Cookies

Chocolate chunk cookieCHF 2.80
Double chocolate cookie (vegan)CHF 2.80
Chocolate chip rainbow candy cookieCHF 2.80
White chip macadamia nut cookieCHF 2.80
1 cookieCHF 2.50
3 CookiesCHF 6.90
6 CookiesCHF 11.70
12 CookiesCHF 16.00

Subway Menu Price In Switzerland: Beilagen

4 Nacho chicken bitesCHF 4.90
Patato bites mediumCHF 4.90
6 Nacho chicken chicken bitesCHF 7.10
Potato bites largeCHF 7.50
9 nacho chicken bitesCHF 9.20

Subway Switzerland Drinks Prices

Capri- sun fruit crush tropicalCHF 3.50
Buddy fruits fruchtmousseCHF 3.50
Valais wasser still 0,51CHF 4.50
Valais wasser prickelnd 0,51CHF 4.50
Pepsi zero zucker 0,51CHF 5.00
Pepsi 0,51CHF 5.00
Lipton eistee lemon 0,51CHF 5.00
Orangina original 0.51CHF 5.00
Lipton eistee peach 0,51CHF 5.00
7UP 0,51CHF 5.00


Saucen-dipCHF 0.60
Guacamole-dipCHF 1.50

Subway Switzerland Submelts prices

Submelts amore mio (15cm)CHF 10.60
Submelts philly supreme (15cm)CHF 13.70
Submelts smoky beast (15cm)CHF 14.40
Submelts chick’n’garlic (15cm)CHF 15.20
Submelts amore mio footlong (30cm)CHF 19.90
Submelts chick’n’ garlic footlong (30cm)CHF 22.80
Submelts philly supreme footlong (30cm)CHF 22.30
Submelts smoky beast footlong (30cm)CHF 23.80
Subway Menu Price In Switzerland
Subway Menu Price In Switzerland with pictures

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