Subway Metro Argentina promises to make everyday life easier. Subway Fast Food is a popular chain that has earned a place in the hearts of consumers. In this article, we will discuss Subway Menu Prices in Argentina and see how this fast-food restaurant offers customers the best deals at reasonable prices.


Desayunos y Meriends

sub clasico j y q con jugo$ 1,225.00
Sub clasico con guacamole$ 1,275.00
Sub clasico j y q con jugo$ 1,350.00
Sub clasico guacamole con jugo$ 1,400.00


Subs 30cm

Pollo estilo teriyaki 30 cm$ 364.41
Matambrito 30 cm$ 379.41
Pollo 30 cm$ 340.00
Suprema 30 cm$ 339.41
Deleite vegetariano 30 cm$ 329.41
Carne deluxe 30 cm$ 404.24
Pollo cream cheese 30 cm$ 379.41
Cordon bleu 30 cm$ 379.41
Subway Melt 30 cm$ 379.41
Sub con quinoa 30 cm$ 364.41
Criollo 30 cm$ 364.41
Roast beef 30 cm$ 364.41
Subway club 30 cm$ 364.41
Atun 30 cm$ 364.41
Italianissimo 30 cm$ 339.41
Pechuga de pollo 30 cm$ 330.00
Italiano B.M.T. 30 cm$ 339.41
Pavo 30 cm$ 329.41
Sub con guacamole 30 cm$ 329.41
Jamon 30 cm$ 329.41



Sub pollo Bbq 30 cm bebida$ 3,240.00
2 Sub de pollo BBQ + 2 gaseosas 500ml$ 3,512.50
Dupla sub pollo teriyaki 15 cm$ 1,910.00
2 Sub de cream cheese + 2 gaseosas 500ml$ 4,040.00
Sub pollo BBQ 15 cm$ 1,546.67



Wrap pechuga de pollo$1,898.33
Wrap pollo cream cheese$1,808.33


Clasicos 30 cm

Sub atun 30 cm$1,552.00


Subs 15cm

Pollo 15 cm$230.00
Pollo estilo teriyaki 15 cm$239.41
Matambrito 15 cm$259.12
Deleite vegetariano 15 cm$219.12
Carne deluxe 15 cm$274.41
Subway Melt 15 cm$259.12
Cordon bleu 15 cm$259.12
Subway melt 15 cm$259.12
Sub con quinoa 15 cm$239.41
Pollo Cream Cheese 15 cm$239.41
Roast beef 15 cm$239.41
Subway club 15 cm$239.41
Atun 15 cm$239.41
Suprema 15 cm$229.41
Italianissimo 15 cm$229.41
Pechuga de pollo 15 cm$220.00
Italiano B.M.T. 15 cm$229.41
Pavo 15 cm $219.12
Sub con guacamole 15 cm$219.12


Clasicos 15 cm

Sub suprema 15 cm$ 1,164.62
Sub pechuga 15 cm$ 1,244.29
Sub italianisimo 15 cm$ 1,070.00
Sub pollo cream cheese 15 cm$ 1,222.14
Sub pavo 15 cm$ 1,244.62
Sub italiano BMT 15$ 1,113.08
Sub Pechuga 15 cm$ 1,143.57
Sub vegetariano guacamole 15 cm$ 1,169.29
Sub atun 15 cm$ 1,170.00
Sub deleite vegetariano 15 cm$ 1,207.33
Sub quinoa 15 cm$ 1,330.71
Costillas BBQ 15 cm$ 1,410.00
Sub Jamon 15 cm$ 1,913.33
Sub cordon blue 15 cm$ 1,337.14

Subs en combo 30cm

Combo Subway melt 30 cm$520.00
Combo pollo estilo teriyaki 30 cm$505.00
Combo suprema 30 cm$480.00
Combo Subway Melt 30 cm$545.00
Combo pollo cream cheese 30 cm$520.00
Combo deleite vegetariano 30 cm$470.00
Combo Carne Deluxe 30 cm$520.00
Combo cordon bleu 30 cm$520.00
Combo sub con quinoa 30 cm$505.00
Combo atun 30 cm$505.00
Combo Matambrito 30 cm$480.00
Combo Italianissimo 30 cm$505.00
Combo roast beef 30 cm$505.00
Combo Subway club 30 cm$505.00
Combo pechuga de pollo sub 30 cm$480.00
pollo sub 30 cm$480.00
Combo italiano B.M.T. 30 cm$480.00
Combo pavo 30 cm$470.00
Combo sub con guacamole 30 cm$470.00
Combo Roast Beef 30 cm$470.00

Footlong 30cm

Sub pollo teriyaki 30 cm$2,005.71
Sub pechuga 30 cm$1,930.00
Sub suprema 30 cm$1,810.77
Sub Pechuga 30 cm$2,082.86
Sub melt 30 cm$2,473.33
Sub Quinoa 30 cm$2,128.57
Sub italiano BMT 30 cm$1,746.92
Sub pollo BBQ 30 cm$1,930.77
Sub Criollo 30 cm$1,746.92
Sub vegetariano guacamole 30 cm$1,851.43
Sub Pollo Cream Cheese 30 cm$1,748.57
Sub deleite vegetariano 30 cm$1,840.00
Sub cordon blue 30 cm$2,336.43
Sub Jamon 30 cm$2,350.83
Sub italianisimo 30 cm$1,643.08
Subcostillas BBQ 30 cm$3,286.76
Sub pavo 30 cm$1,949.23

Subs en combo 15cm

Combo pollo estilo teriyaki 15 cm$380.00
Cpmbo Subway melt 15 cm$400.00
Combo suprema 15 cm$370.00
Cpmbo Subway Melt 15 cm$415.00
Combo pollo cream cheese 15 cm$400.00
Combo matambrito 15 cm$400.00
Combo cordon bleu 15 cm$400.00
Combo Carne Deluxe 15 cm$380.00
Combo criollo 15 cm$380.00
Combo Subway club 15 cm$380.00
Combo atun 15 cm$403.89
Combo italianissimo 15 cm$370.00
Combo pechuga de pollo 15 cm$370.00
Combo italiano B.M.T. 15 cm$370.00
Combo pavo 15 cm$360.00
Combo deleite vegetariano 15 cm$360.00
Combo cans quinoa 15 cm$380.00
Combo Roast Beef 15 cm$360.00


Ensalada de pollo estilo teriyaki en combo$380.00
Ensalada vegetariana guacamole$1,228.57
Ensalada de deleite vegetariano en combo$360.00
Ensalada de pollo cream cheese en combo$1,245.71
Ensalada pollo BBQ$400.00
Ensalada quinoa$1.388.57
Ensalada con quinoa en combo$380.00
Ensalada pollo cream cheese $1,235.71
Ensalada de atun en combo$380.00
Ensalada melt$1.546.67
Ensalada de pollo cream cheese$259.12
Ensalada cordon blue$1,443.57
Ensalada con quinoa$239.41
Ensalada criolla$1,370.00
Ensalada de pollo estilo teriyaki $239.41
Ensalada deleite vegetariano$1.262.00
Ensalada suprema$1,229.23
Ensalada de atun$239.41
Ensalada pollo teriyaki$1,337.14
Ensalada pechuga$1,303.57
Ensalada pavo$1,306.15
Ensalada jamon$1,202.86
Ensalada italianisima$1,34.62
Ensalada italiano BMT$1,176.15
Ensalada atun$1,259.23


6″SandwichesServing Size(g)Calories(Kcal)Total Fat(g)Saturated Fat(g)Trans Fat(g)Carbohydrate(g)Sugars(g)Protein(g)
Chicken teriyaki2583637.22.70.2451127
Sliced chicken2073016.42.70.242520
Roasted chicken breast2313318.03.10.242623
Chicken strips2283257.22.40.238525
Italian meatballs25438211.85.50.248820
Taco beef2103218.83.50.243617
Roast beef2233477.23.20.241621
Subway club2253247.23.10.241621
Italian B.M.T22840816.84.80.242522
Subway melt2103228.73.80.242518
Avocado shrimp22034112.83.80.242511
Veggie delight1642595.82.50.238510
Egg mayo22642020.85.70.341617
Diced beef23536510.74.70.340626
Angus beef23741316.27.60.343622
Sichuan pepper chicken24537014.15.40.136524
Spicy chicken strips2543607.12.30.2491228

Metro Argentina

The Metro Argentina Subway, a name known to every village, town, and city dweller, provides a quality and exciting journey at every step that makes it easy for users to shift from one place to another. Every citizen’s long-standing dream is to join and be a part of the metro’s entertainment and tourism system, which always faces challenges with time.

A review of the Metro Argentina menu. Every passing life always has different wants, and Metro Argentina has introduced these wants to customers due to their different tastes and preferences. Sandwiches – Metro Argentina’s sandwiches offer a variety of flavours that give people various food choices. Each sandwich is full of mufti flavour, and garlic has a different personality, which provides its fans with delicious food and a diverse taste experience.


Subway Metro Argentina’s Menu Sliders and Chips is an extensive section of your health adventure. There are a variety of sliders, such as Green Top Sliders, Chicken Sliders, and Ten Green Sliders. All of them are filled with nutrients. And provide the best food for your health. Beer and drinks. Metro Argentina collects various beers and drinks that bring food to the finishing stages. Provides an elegant experience. Metro Argentina Restaurants has become a fun and diverse food establishment. History of Metro Restaurant Menu.

History of Subway Menu in Argentina

Subway Metro Argentina’s menu has created an exemplary history that connects more and more hearts. These restaurants are known for their special and delicious dishes and have a history of serving people’s favourites and local delicacies. Subway Metro restaurant started in 1990 with flavoured sandwiches made with fresh vegetables and meats. Introduced, which helped meet the public’s food shortages. Metro Restaurants’ menu experimented with adding various favourite foods, including a diverse offering of chicken and grilled sandwiches.

The Reputation of the Subway Menu in Argentina

The preparation of various ingredients and the guarantee of good arrangement and delivery are the reasons for its success. Therefore, this makes Metro Restaurant unique from other restaurants. Due to its different characteristics and tastes, Metro Argentina menus have opened their restaurants in different areas so that customers can get food according to their standards and citizens can choose some delicious food according to their taste, thus keeping the local taste in mind. Every effort has been made to make the menu of the best value. Subway Metro Restaurant has historically proved that customers like its menu and has made Metro a well-known chain of restaurants. Here, people are enjoying eating delicious meat sandwiches.

The Popularity of Subway Menus in Argentina

Metro Argentina is popular for its extensive menu, unmatched additions, and excellent healthy food. Its reputation and the sting of its name are resounding all over the world. It’s home for a reason and a favourite among surfers.

Metro Argentina offers a large and varied selection of menu items and ingredients, including sandwiches, chips, salads, and drink items. With its great service, people from all walks of life and everywhere enjoy its beautiful, fragrant, and delicious food. Its menu in Metro Argentina is an experience full of healthy foods and refreshing cuisine. It has become a proud institution all over the world. This is why his menu has gained popularity, and people consider him knowledgeable about his healthy ingredients and delicious snacks and things.

Metro Argentina’s menus are popular for happy meals that allow customers to choose various delicious foods. The menu includes fresh vegetables. The wide selection of sandwiches with sources – meat – is the main reason for its popularity among the people. Due to the popularity of the Subway menu, it is increasing in number in different regions and cities, and surfers know it from the healthy food centres. Its menus are the most relevant for every segment of the population; it provides the best food, which is a favourite in the hearts of the country’s people.

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