Subway in Colombia has been welcomed with open hearts by the people here. Subway Colombia has allowed all kinds of customers to get their favourite food due to its affordable prices. People enjoy delicious and healthy food to the fullest in their free time.

Here, I will tell you about Subway menu prices in Colombia.


Promo Prime 2 Subs$52,862.50
Combo Footlong$46,700.00
Combos de Lucora$24,895.96
Festival de Pollo$31,400.00
Combo Familiar$72,900.00
Para Compartir$74,025.00
Combos x 2$41,545.45
Sub Pollo Apnado 15 less$12,900.00
Mega Combo$25,000.00

Combo especial

Subway De BMT$10,000.00
Pollo Apanado + Tocineta$9,900.00

Nuevo Wraps Subway

Wrap Cerdo BBQ$21,025.00
Wrap Pollo Ranchero$19,962.50
Wrap Pavo Ranchero$19,962.50

Combo Sub 15 cm

Combo Pollo 15cm$21,806.67
Combo Costilla BBQ 15cm$26,184.44
Combo Sándwich Atún 15 cm$24,078.26
Combo Sub Italiano B.M.T. 15 cm$21,539.13
Combo Sándwich Italianíssimo 15 cm$24,083.33
Combo Sub Atún 15 cm$21,625.00
Combo Sándwich Carne BBQ 15 Cm$24,665.00
Combo Sub Italianíssimo 15 cm$21,711.76
Combo Sub Pavo y Jamón 15 cm$19,758.82
Combo Sándwich Pavo y Jamón 15 cm$22,516.67
Combo Sub Pollo Estilo Rostizado 15 cm$22,033.33
Combo Sándwich Pollo Estilo Rostizado 15 cm$27,270.00
Combo Sándwich Cerdo BBQ 15 cm$24,159.09
Combo Sándwich Pollo 15 cm$26,857.14
Combo Sub Jamón 15 cm$19,758.82
Combo Pollo Teriyaki 15cm$25,545.28
Combo Sándwich Jamón 15 cm$22,581.82
Combo Sándwich Pechuga de Pavo 15 cm$22,516.67
Combo Sub Vegetariano con Guacamole 15 cm$19,417.65
Combo Sándwich Vegetariano con Guacamole 15 cm$22,333.33
Combo Sándwich Italiano B.M.T. 15 cm$24,083.33

Combo del Día

Combo del Día$14,350.00

Subway 15 Centímetros

Deleite Vegetariano$9,700.00
Subway de Jamón$10,396.77
Subway de Pavo$10,396.77
Subway De Pavo & Jamón$10,389.66
Subway De Atún$12,293.55
Subway de BMT$12,262.07
Subway Italianisimo$12,293.55
Subway Pollo$12,262.07
Subway de Cerdo BBQ$12,139.29
Subway Pollo Teriyaki$13,482.76
Subway Chicken Smoky Bacon$14,156.52

Sub Pollo Postizado

Sub de Pollo rostizado$13,716.18
Sub de Pollo rostizado ItalianoSub de Pollo Rostizado Mexicano
Sub De Pollo Rostizado Mexicano$14,569.64

Combo Sub del Día

Combo Sub Del Dia$13,990.00

Subway de 30 Centímetros

Subway De Costillas BBQ$18,072.41
Subway Deleite Vegetariano$16,441.67

Sub 15 cm

Sub de Atún 15 cm$15,162.50
Sub Pollo 15cm$15,675.00
Sub Italianissimo 15 cm$15,010.53
Sub Italiano BMT 15 cm$15,078.26
Sub de Pechuga de Pavo 15 cm$16,493.48
Sub de Jamón 15 cm$13,229.41
Sub de Pollo Rostizado – Mexicano 15 cm$16,923.53
Sub de Pollo Estilo Rostizado 15 cm$15,678.26
Sub de Pollo Rostizado-Italiano 15 cm

Por tiempo Limitado

3 Subs 15 cm Bebida 1,5 lts Papas Paquete Familiar$35,900.00
Subway Parrillada d Res 15 cm$15,092.31
Subway Parrillada d Res 30 cm$23,707.69
Combo d Subway Parrillada de Res 15 cm$20,633.33
Combo Subway Parrillada de Res 30 cm$29,150.00


Galleta de temporada M&M’s$2,104.17
Super Combo Parrillada de Res$21,963.83
Super Combo Costillas$2,104.17


Subway Club$13,948.89
Subway Melt$13,785.51
Sub Roast Beef$13,484.21
Sub Pollo Teriyaki$13,557.89
Sub Italiano B.M.T$11,921.05
Sub Italianísimo$12,715.38
Sub Atún$12,715.38
Sub de Costillitas BBQ Melt$12,878.38
Sub de Pavo y Jamón$10,868.42
Sub de Jamón$11,326.32
Sub Deleite Vegetariano$6,433.33
Sub Cerdo BBQ$11,273.68

Combo Subway 15 Centímetros

Combo de Subway Deleite Vegetariano$14,933.33
Combo de Subway de Jamón$15,254.17
Combo de Subway de Pavo$15,254.17
Combo de Subway de Pavo & Jamón$15,131.82
Combo de Subway de Costillas BBQ$17,174.07
Combo de Subway de Atún$17,174.07
Combo de Subway de BMT$17,100.00
Combo de Subway Italianisimo$17,120.83
Combo de Subway Pollo$17,100.00
Combo de Cerdo BBQ$16,900.00
Combo de Subway Pollo Teriyaki$18,366.67
Combo de Subway Melt$18,366.67
Combo de Chicken Smoky Bacon$19,100.00


Ensalada Deleite Vegetariano$12,066.67
Ensalada de Pavo$12,701.59
Ensalada de Jamón$12,534.92
Ensalada de Pavo & Jamón$12,548.28
Ensalada de Atún$14,765.08
Ensalada de Costillas$14,736.84
Ensalada de BMT$14,779.31
Ensalada Italianisimo$14,809.68
Ensalada de cerdo BBQ$14,281.25
Ensalada de Pollo$14,836.54
Ensalada Teriyaki$15,916.67
Ensalada Club$16,150.00
Ensalada Melt$15,906.56
Ensalada Chicken Smoky Bacon$16,673.91
Ensalada de carne$14,733.33
Ensalada vegetariana$10,563.64

Favoritos ensalada

Ensalada BTM$14,900.00
Ensalada de cerdo$14,900.00
Ensalada de pollo rostizado$15,400.00
Ensalada de pollo rostizado mexicano$16,400.00
Ensalada de pollo rostizado italiano$16,400.00
Ensalada italianissimo$14,756.00

Clásicos 15 centímetros

Sándwich de Jamón de 15 centímetros$9,900.00
Sándwich de Pavo de 15 centímetros$10,400.00
Sándwich de Pavo y jamón de 15 centímetros$10,400.00
Sándwich Vegetariano de 15 centímetros$9,900.00
Sándwich de Pollo apanado de 15 centímetros$8,500.00

Sub 30 cm

Sub de Jamón 30 cm$22,505.88
Sub Pechuga de Pavo 30 cm$22,130.43
ub Pavo y Jamón 30 cm$22,505.88
Sub de Atún 30 cm$24,706.25
Sub Italianísimo 30 cm$24,741.18
Sub Italiano B.M.T. 30 cm$24,418.18
Sub de Pollo Rostizado – Italiano 30 cm$26,068.75
Sub Pechuga de Pavo (30cm)$11,770.73
Sub de Pollo Estilo Rostizado 30 cm$24,917.39
Sub Pechuga de Pollo (30cm)$13,146.15
Sub Pollo Rostizado – Mexicano 30 cm$26,146.67

Combo Subway 30 Centímetros

Combo Subway Deleite Vegetariano$22,379.17
Combo Subway de Jamón$21,665.52
Combo Subway de Pavo$22,825.00
Combo Subway de Pavo & Jamón$22,825.00
Combo Subway de Atún$24,687.50
Combo Subway de Costillas BBQ$24,687.50
Combo Subway de BMT$24,666.67
Combo Subway Italianisimo$24,687.50
Combo Subway Pollo$24,687.50
Combo Subway Pollo Teriyaki$25,933.33
Combo Subway Melt$25,933.33

Clásicos 30 centímetros

Sándwich de jamón de 30 centímetros$18,400.00
Sándwich de pavo de 30 centímetros$18,900.00
Sándwich de pavo y jamón de 30 centímetros$18,900.00
Sándwich vegetariano de 30 centímetros$18,400.00
Sándwich de pollo apanado de 30 centímetros$16,000.00

Subs de 15 cm en Combo

Combo Atún 15 cm$18,900.00
Combo Italianíssimo 15 cm$18,900.00
Combo Italiano B.M.T.™ 15 cm$18,900.00
Combo Pavo y Jamón 15 cm$16,500.00
Combo Pollo Estilo Teriyaki 15 cm$19,900.00
Combo Pollo Rostizado Tradicional 15 cm$19,900.00
Combo Subway Melt™ 15 cm$19,900.00
Combo Carne BBQ 15 cm$18,000.00
Combo Costillas B.B.Q. Melt 15 cm$18,900.00
Combo Pollo 15 cm$18,900.00
Combo Cerdo BBQ 15 cm$18,500.00
Combo Jamón 15 cm$16,500.00
Combo Pechuga de Pavo 15 cm$16,500.00
Combo Vegetariano con Guacamole 15 cm$16,000.00

Clásicos ensalada

Ensalada de pavo y jamón$12,832.35
Vegetariano ensalada$12,400.00
Ensalada de pollo apanado$11,000.00




Pepsi Light 400 ml$4,684.62
Oasis Sin Gas 500 ml$4,187.50
Agua con Gas 600 ml$4,466.67
Gaseosa en Botella$4,008.51
Gaseosa de 400 mililitros$4,500.00
Té en botella$3,440.00
Agua Sin Gas 600 ml$4,457.89
Mr Tea Limón 400 ml$4,909.52
Mr Tea Durazno 500 ml$5,595.00
Agua en Botella$3,293.88
Mr. Tea$4,500.00
H2Oh! Lima Limón 400 ml$5,319.05
Gaseosa H2OH Limonata$6,230.00
Mr Tea Limón 500 ml$5,619.05
H2O en Botella$4,032.43
Pepsi 400 ml$5,072.92
Gaseosa de Dispensador$3,500.00
Postobón Manzana 400 ml$5,100.00
Jugo Hit en caja$2,360.00
7up 400 ml$5,072.97
Uva Postobon 400 ml$4,850.00
Mr Tea Durazno 400 ml$4,914.29
Colombiana 400 ml$5,025.86
Cristal Con Gas 400 ml$4,139.13

Subs de 30 cm en Combo

Combo Atún 30 cm$26,900.00
Combo Italianíssimo 30 cm$26,900.00
Combo Italiano B.M.T.™ 30 cm$26,900.00
Combo Pavo y Jamón 30 cm$24,500.00
Combo Pollo Estilo Teriyaki 30 cm$27,900.00
Combo Pollo Rostizado Tradicional 30 cm$27,900.00
Combo Subway Melt™ 30 cm$27,900.00
Combo Pechuga de Pavo 30 cm$24,500.00
Combo Carne BBQ 30 cm$26,000.00
Combo Costillas B.B.Q. Melt 30 cm$26,900.00
Combo Pollo 30 cm$26,900.00
Combo Cerdo BBQ 30 cm$26,500.00
Combo Jamón 30 cm$24,500.00

Combo Ciabatta

Combo Ciabatta Chicken Cordon Blue$20,391.30
Combo Ciabatta Italiano$21,900.00
Combo Ciabatta Chicken Bacon & Ranch$20,960.87
Combo Ciabatta Cordon Bleu$21,900.00
Combo Ciabatta Chichen & Bacon Ranch$22,500.00
Combo Italianisimo$20,322.73

Favoritos 15 centímetros

Sándwich BTM de 15 centímetros$12,400.00
Sándwich de costillas de 15 centímetros$12,400.00
Sándwich italianissimo de 15 centímetros$12,400.00
Sándwich de pollo de 15 centímetros$12,400.00
Sándwich de atún de 15 centímetros$12,400.00
Sándwich de cerdo de 15 centímetros$12,400.00
Sándwich de pollo rostizado de 15 centímetros$13,900.00
Sándwich de pollo rostizado mexicano de 15 centímetros$14,900.00
Sándwich de pollo rostizado italiano de 15 centímetros$14,900.00


3 Galletas$5,669.70
12 Galletas$18,260.87

Favoritos 30 centímetros

Sándwich BTM de 30 centímetros$20,900.00
Sándwich italianissimo de 30 centímetros$20,900.00
Sándwich de costillas de 30 centímetros$20,900.00
Sándwich de pollo de 30 centímetros$20,900.00
Sándwich de atún de 30 centímetros$20,900.00
Sándwich de cerdo de 30 centímetros$20,900.00
Sándwich de pollo rostizado de 30 centímetros$20,400.00
Sándwich de pollo rostizado mexicano de 30 centímetros$21,400.00
Sándwich de pollo rostizado italiano de 30 centímetros$21,400.00

Subs 15 cm

Sub Pollo Teriyaki 15cm$18,932.08
Subway Melt™ 15 cm$14,400.00
Sub Costilla BBQ 15cm$19,298.04
Sándwich Atún 15 cm$15,734.29
Sándwich Pollo Estilo Rostizado 15 cm$20,185.71
Pollo Estilo Teriyaki 15 cm$14,500.00
Costillas BBQ Melt 15 cm$13,400.00
Sándwich Italiano B.M.T. 15 cm$15,777.78
Sándwich Pollo 15 cm$17,532.35
Sándwich Cerdo BBQ 15 cm$15,561.76
Sándwich Italianíssimo 15 cm$15,777.78
Sándwich Jamón 15 cm$13,876.47
Sándwich Carne BBQ 15 cm$15,628.13
Sándwich Pechuga de Pavo 15 cm$13,914.29
Sándwich Pavo y Jamón 15 cm$13,875.00
Sándwich Vegetariano con Guacamole 15 cm$13,500.00
Sub de Pollo Estilo Rostizado Italiano 15 cm$16,563.64
Sub de Pollo Estilo Rostizado Mexicano 15 cm

Subs 30 cm

Sub Costilla BBQ 30cm$31,923.08
Pollo Rostizado Tradicional 30 cm$22,400.00
Subway Melt™ 30 cm$22,400.00
Sub Pollo 30cm$29,196.36
Sub Pollo Teriyaki 30cm$30,332.69
Sándwich Italianíssimo 30 cm$26,550.00
Pollo Estilo Teriyaki 30 cm$22,907.14
Sándwich Pollo Estilo Rostizado 30 cm$35,909.52
Costillas BBQ Melt 30 cm$21,400.00
Sándwich Atún 30 cm$26,672.73
Sándwich Carne BBQ 30 cm$26,387.50
Sándwich Italiano B.M.T. 30 cm$26,588.57
Pollo 30 cm$22,093.33
Sándwich Pollo Estilo Rostizado Mexicano30 cm$28,190.91
Sándwich Cerdo BBQ 30 cm$26,335.29
Sándwich Jamón 30 cm$24,211.43
Sándwich Pechuga de Pavo 30 cm$24,233.33
Sándwich Pavo y Jamón 30 cm$24,183.33
Sándwich Vegetariano con Guacamole 30 cm$23,642.42
Sándwich Pollo Estilo Rostizado Italiano 30 cm$25,733.33
Sándwich Pollo Estilo Rostizado Mexicano 30 cm$23,400.00


Bandeja de Subs Favoritos$103,500.00
Bandeja de subs premium$110,500.00

Premium 15 centímetros

Sándwich teriyaki de 15 centímetros$13,400.00
Sándwich Melt de 15 centímetros$13,400.00

Premium 30 centímetros

Sándwich teriyaki de 30 centímetros$21,900.00
Sándwich Melt de 30 centímetros$21,900.00


Galleta Frambuesa Cheesecake$3,513.83
Galleta Macadamia$3,547.00
Galleta Choco Chips$3,531.63
Pack Galletas x3$8,310.00
Galletas X 3$10,711.11
Papas Casco$7,028.26
Papas Paquete$2,719.35
Galletas X 12$38,589.47


Ciabatta Chicken Cordon Blue$15,008.70
Ciabatta cordon bleu$15,827.27
Ciabatta Cordon Blue$14,918.18
Ciabatta Italiano$16,400.00
Ciabatta Chicken Bacon & Ranch$15,540.91
Ciabatta Chichen & Bacon Ranch$17,000.00
Ciabatta Italianisimo$14,945.45


Galletas 3 unidades$5,900.00
Galletas 12 unidades$18,000.00


6″SandwichesServing size(g)Calories (kcal)Total fat(g)Saturated fat(g)Trans fat (g)Carbohydrate(g)Sugars(g)Protein
Sliced chicken2073006.32.70.241520
Chicken strips2293247.12.50.239525
Chicken teriyaki2573627.32.60.2461127
Roasted chicken breast2323318.03.00.241623
Roast beef2243467.13.10.240621
Italian meatballs25538311.75.40.247820
Italian B.M.T22940916.74.70.242522
Taco beef2113208.93.60.242617
Subway club2263257.13.00.241621
Subway melt2113218.63.70.242518
Avocado shrimp22134012.73.70.242511
Veggie delight1652505.72.50.239510
Egg mayo22542120.75.80.341617
Diced beef23636610.64.80.340626
Spicy chicken strips2553697.12.40.2481228
Angus beef23841216.17.70.344622

Introduction of Subway Menu in Colombia

Subway’s menu takes you on a beautiful and aromatic journey through the beautiful country of Colombia, where we find delicious food and a healthy life full of flavours, with a wide menu available for every occasion and happy moment.

The variety on its menu at Subway Columbia has guided people to search for different flavours. Fish, meat, and vegetables have different social welfare. Filled with flavours.

Meat, chicken, fish, and turkey sandwich lovers have made four moons in these delicious sandwiches. The aroma of fresh herbs and vegetables in this salad adds to the enjoyment of eating.

Reputation of Subway in Colombia

  • Subway in Colombia is fulfilling its business responsibilities very well and increasing its social importance daily.
    Global Standard
    Subway Fast Food in Colombia has gained global popularity for its high quality and healthy food delivery. It combines different chains and dishes with interesting local flavours, making people start their day by facilitating food choices with renewed determination and courage.
  • Healthy Food
    Subway’s goal of creating a healthy society and practising healthy eating has given Colombians the colour of healthy options.
    Its different sandwiches include a wide variety of chips, salads, and great combinations of vegetables and meats, providing customers with various healthy food choices. His positive portrayals of local and non-local online programs have made him a favourite among the Colombian public for his support of local elections and economic policies.
  • Importance
    Subway’s professional responsibilities have provided its people in Colombia with various healthy and delicious flavours that have won its fans’ hearts by offering various combinations and prices.

Popularity of Subway Menu in Colombia

  • In Colombia, the Subway name has become a widespread food icon in almost every region. Its delicious food and a wide variety of healthy foods attract people. Due to its affinity, it has made its place among the people of Colombia.
    Number of Common People
    Subway has grown in Colombia due to its popularity, consistency, and presence among the locals. The people here are very fond of this chain.
  • Local Visitors and Tourists
    Gold’s popularity and growth can be seen in Colombia. Apart from local people, tourists and visitors from foreign countries also enjoy 20 vegetarian dishes. They also have the opportunity to enjoy its healthy dishes and varied menus.
    Healthy Choice
    Subway’s strong popularity is a key component. It has focused on healthy eating. Colombians looking for healthy foods and promoting a healthy lifestyle have provided gold through its superior performance.
  • Future Paths
    Subway has reached the heights of popularity in Colombia, where its future and current hall look bright. It has to announce increased prompt delivery and excellent services in various regions.
    Due to this, we are confident that it will increase its fame and popularity in different places.







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