Subway, which has become a front-page fast food chain in countries around the world, is known for its high-quality, customizable sandwiches and fresh ingredients. The menu prices are based on regional economic and demographic factors. Subway restaurants in Chile have set reasonable prices, given the economic status of their local people.

Subway restaurants usually have different ingredients, including proteins and vegetables. The chutneys are based on choices of bread and various details. Customers can select their meals according to their flavour and health. A sandwich is served with sliders and drinks. To learn more about the latest Subway menu in Chile, customers can visit its outlet or online website and can also avail of the online delivery facility. let us I will tell you about SUBWAY MENUS PRICE IN CHILE.

Combos Sub 15cm

Combo Sub 15cm – Pollo Asado$9,165.33
Combo Sub 15cm – Jamón de Cerdo$7,548.08
Combo Sub 15cm – Atún$8,184.51
Combo Sub 15cm – Quinoa$8,596.92
Combo Sub 15cm – B.M.T$7,740.79
Combo Sub 15cm – Costillas BBQ$8,654.41
Combo Sub 15cm – Pollo Estilo Teriyaki$8,346.08
Combo Sub 15cm – Pollo Apanado$8,197.97
Combo Sub 15cm – Toscano$7,730.00
Combo Sub 15cm – Salame$7,541.87
Combo Sub 15cm – Carne y Queso$9,248.68
Combo Sub 15cm – Carne Mechada$9,132.08
Combo Sub 15cm – Texano$9,765.54
Combo Sub 15cm – Carne Suprema$10,221.82


Sub 15cm – Carne y Queso Extra Care¡ne$7,226.92
Sub 15cm – B.M.T Extra Proteina$5,900.00
Combo Sub 15cm – Pollo Teriyaki Extra Proteina$8,655.88
Sub 15cm – Pollo Teriyaki Extra Proteína$6,552.94
Combo Sub 30cm – Pollo Teriyaki Extra Proteina$12,997.06
Sub 30cm – Pollo Teriyaki Extra Proteína$10,900.00
Sub 30cm – Carne y Queso Extra Carne$12,123.33
Sub 30cm – B.M.T Extra Proteína$9,887.50
Combo Sub 30cm – Carne y Queso Extra Carne$13,200.00
Combo Sub 15cm – B.M.T. Extra Proteina$8,000.00
Combo Sub 30cm – B.M.T. Extra Proteina$11,981.25
Combo Sub 15cm – Carne y Queso Extra Carne$9,350.00

Combos Sub 30cm

Combo Sub 30cm – Pollo Asado$10,582.35
Combo Sub 30cm – Carne Mechada$10,491.67
Combo Sub 30cm – Costillas BBQ$10,003.57
Combo Sub 30cm – Quinoa$10,012.50
Combo Sub 30cm – Atún$9,533.33
Combo Sub 30cm – B.M.T$9,019.44
Combo Sub 30cm – Jamón de Cerdo$8,507.89
Combo Sub 30cm – Carne y Queso$10,516.67
Combo Sub 30cm – Pizza$8,515.00
Combo Sub 30cm – Pechuga de Pollo$9,538.24
Combo Sub 30cm – Salame$8,515.00
Combo Sub 30cm – Pollo Estilo Teriyaki$10,033.33
Combo Sub 30cm – Texano$11,016.67
Combo Sub 30cm – Toscano$9,037.50
Combo Sub 30cm – Pollo Apanado$9,512.50


Sub 15cm – Pollo Asado$6,616.03
Sub 15cm – Carne Mechada$6,742.65
Sub 15cm – Costillas BBQ$6,073.15
Sub 15cm – Quinoa$6,062.50
Sub 15cm – Atún$5,464.61
Sub 15cm – Pollo Estilo Teriyaki$5,879.41
Sub 15cm – Pechuga de Pollo$5,361.94
Sub 15cm – Carne y Queso$6,402.80
Sub 15cm – B.M.T$5,084.65
Sub 15cm – Pollo Apanado$5,463.05
Sub 15cm – Jamón de Cerdo$4,994.34
Sub 15cm – Salame$5,019.88
Sub 15cm – Pizza$4,658.14
Sub 15cm – Carne Suprema$7,497.73
Sub 15cm – Texano$6,944.08

Subs 30cm

Sub 30cm – Pizza$6,335.50
Sub 30cm – Pollo Estilo Teriyaki$7,913.16
Sub 30cm – Pechuga de Pollo$7,267.89
Sub 30cm – Pollo Asado$8,531.58
Sub 30cm – Quinoa$7,892.86
Sub 30cm – Pollo Apanado$7,220.45
Sub 30cm – Texano$8,791.11
Sub 30cm – Costillas BBQ$7,668.13
Sub 30cm – Atún$7,315.79
Sub 30cm – B.M.T$6,825.00
Sub 30cm – Carne y Queso$8,220.95
Sub 30cm – Jamón de Cerdo$6,388.24
Sub 30cm – Toscano$6,846.25
Sub 30cm – Salame$6,397.50

Seleccionado para ti

Super Combo$9,852.38
2 Subs por $7.000$8,800.00
Sub 30cm – Carne Mechada$8,380.77

Artículos destacados

Sub- Pechuga de Pollo – FOOTLONG 30CM.$9,142.19
Sub – Pollo Estilo Teriyaki – FOOTLONG 30CM.$10,089.39
2 Sub X $9.000$11,891.18

Nuevo producto

Combo Sub – Carne Fundido de Quesos – FOOTLONG 30CM$15,690.91
Combo Sub 15cm – Carne Fundido de Quesos$10,835.71
Sub 15cm – Carne Fundido de Quesos$8,161.90
Sub – Carne Fundido de Quesos – FOOTLONG 30CM$13,004.76
Sub – Pollo Asado Fundido de Quesos – FOOTLONG 30CM$13,150.00
Combo Sub 15cm – Pollo Asado Fundido de Quesos$10,845.45
Galleta Rosa$1,244.44
Sub 15cm – Pollo Asado Fundido de Quesos$8,161.90


Galleta – 1 un.$1,197.06
Galleta – 3 un.$2,614.06
Galleta – 1 un$923.53
Galleta – 3 un$1,970.59
Galleta Chips de Chocolate$905.56
3 Galletas$2,462.12
Galleta Vainilla Choco Chips$1,211.36
Galletas – 12 un$7,954.55
Galletas – 12 un.$9,544.23
Galleta Doble Chocolate$1,212.00
Papas Fritas Corte Americano$1,146.97
Papas Fritas Marco Polo – Corte Americano$1,108.51
Galleta Macadamia$1,225.00
Galletas – 25 un.$19,085.71

Combos Sub FOOTLONG 30CM.

Combo Sub – Texano – FOOTLONG 30CM.$14,472.73
Combo Sub – Toscano – FOOTLONG 30CM.$11,326.47
Combo Sub – Pollo Estilo Teriyaki – FOOTLONG 30CM.
Combo Sub – Salame – FOOTLONG 30CM.$11,029.41
Combo Sub – Pollo Apanado – FOOTLONG 30CM.$11,823.53
Combo Sub – Pollo Asado – FOOTLONG 30CM.$13,822.41
Combo Sub – Pizza – FOOTLONG 30CM.$11,006.03
Combo Sub – Palta – FOOTLONG 30CM.$10,611.29
Combo Sub – Pechuga de Pollo – FOOTLONG 30CM.$11,801.61
Combo Sub – Costillas BBQ – FOOTLONG 30CM.$12,696.00
Combo Sub – Jamón de Cerdo – FOOTLONG 30CM.$11,029.41
Combo Sub – Quinoa – FOOTLONG 30CM.$12,744.44
Combo Sub – Carne y Queso – FOOTLONG 30CM.$13,808.82
Combo – Carne Mechada – FOOTLONG 30CM.$13,788.33
Combo Sub – Atún – FOOTLONG 30CM.$11,805.00
Combo Sub – B.M.T – FOOTLONG 30CM.$11,326.47


Sub – Carne Mechada – FOOTLONG 30CM.$11,129.03
Sub – Carne Suprema – FOOTLONG 30CM$11,647.67
Sub – Pizza – FOOTLONG 30CM.$8,341.13
Sub – Pollo Asado – FOOTLONG 30CM.$11,129.03
Sub – Texano – FOOTLONG 30CM.$11,761.76
Sub – Pollo Apanado – FOOTLONG 30CM.$9,146.97
Sub – Costillas BBQ – FOOTLONG 30CM.$10,060.71
Sub – B.M.T FOOTLONG 30CM$8,642.06
Sub – Carne y Queso – FOOTLONG 30CM.$11,134.29
Sub – Salame – FOOTLONG 30CM.$8,354.29
Sub – Atún – FOOTLONG 30CM.$9,134.38
Sub – Palta – FOOTLONG 30CM.$7,952.94
Sub – Quinoa – FOOTLONG 30CM.$10,072.22
Sub – Toscano – FOOTLONG 30CM$8,651.43
Sub – Jamón de Cerdo – FOOTLONG 30CM.$8,354.29


Sub del Día Sábado – Toscano$4,375.00
Sub del Día Martes – Pizza$4,375.00


Sub Del Día Sábado$4,530.00
Super Dupla$8,500.00
Sub Del Día Miércoles$4,530.00
Combo Wrap$7,166.67
2 Sub$11,600.00
Dupla – UberOne$11,600.00
Dupla – Rappi Pechuga de Pollo$7,250.00

Promo Prime 

Footlong – Rappi Pollo Teriyaki$10,250.00


Sándwich Gigante$51,541.00
Bandeja de Sub 10 Centímetros$20,255.08
Caja de Galletas$11,304.05
Bandeja de Galletas$12,933.85
Subway para Llevar$41,969.18

Sub de 30 Centímetros

Sub Jamón 30 CM$6,140.09
Sub Palta 30 cm$7,802.81
TEXANO 30 CM$9,136.51
Sub Jamón de Pavo 30 CM$6,342.60
Sub Pizza 30 CM$6,342.60
Sub Trío de Carnes 30 CM$6,292.30
Sub Pechuga de Pollo 30 CM$7,452.07
Sub B.M.T 30 CM$6,894.85
Sub Atún 30 CM$7,453.31
Sub Toscano 30 CM$6,902.30
Sub Pollo Apanado 30 CM$7,389.98
Sub Costillas BBQ Melt 30 CM$7,496.07
Sub Carne y Queso 30 CM$8,019.74
SUBWAY Melt 30 CM$7,678.38
Subway Club 30 cm$7,642.73
Sub Pollo Teriyaki 30 CM$7,593.88
Sub Roast Beef$8,525.33
Sub Gaucho$8,611.22

Footlong 30 Cm

Sub Carne Suprema Foolong 30Cm$11,704.17
Sub Pollo Asado Footlong 30Cm$11,216.67
Sub Costillas Bbq Footlong 30Cm$10,129.63
Sub Pollo Asado Mexicano Footlong 30Cm$12,998.44
Sub Salame Footlong 30Cm$8,330.36
Sub Quinoa Footlong 30Cm$10,130.43
Sub Texano Footlong 30Cm$11,766.67
Sub Jamón de Cerdo Footlong 30Cm$8,330.36
Sub Pollo Apanado Footlong 30Cm$9,117.31
Sub Carne y Queso Footlong 30Cm$11,170.37
Sub Pollo Teriyaki Footlong 30Cm$10,115.38
Sub Pechuga de Pollo Footlong 30Cm$9,124.07
Sub Toscano Footlong 30Cm$8,630.36
Sub Atún Footlong 30Cm$9,124.07
Sub Carne Mechada Footlong 30Cm$11,175.00
Sub Palta Footlong 30Cm$7,251.25
Sub Pollo Asado Americano Footlong 30Cm$13,075.00

Subs de 15 Centímetros

Sub Pizza 15cm.$6,898.62

Combos 15 Cm

Combo – Subway MELT 15 cm$6,797.00

Sub o Burrito de 15 Centímetros

Sub Jamón de Pavo 15 cm$4,271.08
Sub Jamón 15 cm$4,275.69
Sub Pizza 15 cm$4,271.08
Sub Trío de Carnes 15 cm$4,280.56
Sub Pechuga de Pollo 15 cm$5,029.11
Sub B.M.T 15 cm$4,651.94
Sub 15 cm Atún$5,032.75
Sub 15 cm Toscano$4,651.94
Subway 15 Cm Melt$5,081.13
Sub Costillas BBQ Melt 15 cm$5,030.26
Sub Carne y Queso 15 cm$5,410.28
Sub Pollo Apanado 15 cm$5,032.75
Subway Club 15 cm$5,021.25
Sub Pollo Teriyaki 15 cm$5,412.50
TEXANO 15 cm$5,824.97
Sub Roast Beef 15 cm$5,172.00
JALISCO 15 CM$5,950.13

Nuevos Subs

Costillas BBQ 30 cm$7,910.00
Costillas BBQ 15 cm$5,060.00
Combo Costillas BBQ 30 cm$10,025.00
Combo Costillas BBQ 15 cm$7,155.56


Dupla Desayuno Barros Jarpa 15Cm$6,400.00
Dupla Desayuno Jamón Palta 15Cm$7,600.00
Combo Desayuno Jamón Palta 15Cm$9,800.00
Combo Desayuno Barros Jarpa 15Cm$8,600.00
Combo Desayuno X2 Jamón Palta 15Cm$19,600.00
Combo Desayuno X2 Barros Jarpa 15Cm$17,200.00
Dupla Desayuno X3 Jamón Palta 15Cm$19,200.00

Combos de Sub de 15cm

Combo de Sub Jamón de Pavo 15cm$5,287.78
Combo de Sub Jamón 15cm$5,287.78
Combo de Sub Pizza 15cm$5,287.78
Combo de Sub Trío de Carnes 15cm$5,247.78
Combo de Sub Toscano 15cm$5,647.78
Combo de Sub B.M.T 15cm$5,927.78
Combo de Sub Atún 15cm$7,683.33
Combo de Sub Pollo Apanado 15cm$5,941.11
Combo de Sub Costillas BBQ Melt 15cm$5,941.11
Combo de Sub Pollo Teriyaki 15cm$6,256.67
Combo de Sub Carne y Queso 15cm$6,256.67


Sub Quinoa 30 cm$7,910.00
Pollo Asado 30 cm$8,410.00
Salame 30 cm$6,390.00
Carne y Queso 30 cm$8,394.44
B.M.T. 30 cm$6,910.00
Pechuga de Pollo 30 cm$7,410.00
Pollo Estilo Teriyaki 30 cm$7,894.44
Pizza 30 cm$6,390.00
Toscano 30 cm$6,910.00

Combos de Sub de 15 Centímetros

Combo de Sub Jamón. 15 cm$6,879.71
Sub palta 15 cm$5,616.57
Combo de Sub Jamón de Pavo 15 cm$6,879.71
Combo de Sub Pizza$7,114.52
Combo de Sub B.M.T$7,504.52
Combo de Sub Trío de Carnes. 15 cm$6,879.71
Combo de Sub Toscano 15 cm$7,273.24
Combo de Sub Pechuga de Pollo 15 cm$7,644.71
Combo de Sub Costillas BBQ Melt. 15 cm$7,647.94
Combo de Sub Atún. 15 cm$7,600.74
Combo de SUBWAY Melt. 15 cm$7,710.00
Combo de Sub Pollo Apanado. 15 cm$7,647.94
Combo de Sub Carne y Queso. 15 cm$8,019.12
Combo de SUBWAY Club. 15 cm $8,225.33
Combo de Sub Roast Beef. 15 cm$7,738.33
Combo de Sub Pollo Teriyaki. 15 cm$8,019.12

Sub de 30cm

Sub Melt 30 cm$6,278.18
Sub Palta 30cm$6,125.85
Sub de Texano 30 cm$6,830.00
Sub Pavo gourmet 30 cm$6,363.33
Sub Jalisco 30 cm$7,245.60

Sub 15 cm

Sub Quinoa 15 cm$5,060.00
Sub Palta 15cm$4,220.74
Sub Pollo Teriyaki 15cm$5,834.18
Pollo Asado 15 cm$5,365.00
Pollo Estilo Teriyaki 15 cm$5,044.44
B.M.T 15 cm$4,415.00
Pechuga de Pollo 15 cm$4,740.00
Carne y Queso 15 cm$5,350.00
Pizza 15 cm$4,110.00
Toscano 15 cm$4,415.00
Sub Pollo Asado Mexicano 15Cm$8,247.37
Sub Pollo Asado Americano 15Cm$8,166.67
Sub Pollo Asado Mexicano 15 Cm$7,953.85
Salame 15 cm$4,110.00
Sub Carne Suprema 15 Cm$7,700.00

Sub de 15 Centímetros o burrito


Combos de Sub de 30 Centímetros

Combo de Sub Jamón de Pavo. 30 cm$8,788.81
Combo de Sub Jamón. 30 cm$8,274.52
Combo de Sub B.M.T. 30 cm$9,336.52
Combo de Sub Pizza. 30 cm$8,788.81
Combo de Sub Pechuga de Pollo. 30 cm$9,866.67
Combo de Sub Toscano. 30 cm$9,336.52
Combo de Sub Costillas BBQ Melt. 30 cm$9,879.76
Combo de Sub Atún. 30 cm$10,016.43
Combo de SUBWAY Melt. 30 cm$10,686.77
Combo de Sub Pollo Apanado. 30 cm$9,881.43


Combo Sub Pechuga de Pollo 15Cm$8,066.22
Combo Sub Quinoa 15 cm$7,155.56
Combo Sub Pollo Teriyaki 15Cm$8,972.92
Combo B.M.T. 15 cm$6,534.50
Combo Sub Pollo Asado Americano 15Cm$10,842.59
Combo carne y queso 15 cm$7,446.67
Combo Sub Pollo Asado Mexicano 15Cm$10,848.08
Combo Sub Pollo Asado Americano 15Cm$10,842.59
Combo Salame 15 cm$6,205.56
Combo pizza 15 cm$6,205.56


Bebida Gaseosa 350ml$2,093.75
Agua Vital 600ml$2,052.70
Coca-Cola Sin Azúcar 350 ml$2,153.57
Coca-Cola Original 350 ml$2,064.29
Sprite 350 ml$2,075.00
Jugo Andina 300ml$2,078.00
Agua Mineral$1,261.11
Powerade Frozen Blast 600ml$3,916.67
Quatro Pomelo Zero 350 ml$2,091.18
Andina Piña Light 300 ml$2,184.21
Andina Naranja 300 ml$2,140.91
Vital Con Gas 600 ml$2,104.69
Aquarius Manzana 500 ml$2,327.78
Vital Sin Gas 600 ml$2,104.69
Aquarius Pera 500 ml$2,343.75
Aquarius Limonada 500 ml$2,317.65
Powerade Frozen Blast 600 ml$4,008.33

Bebidas Frías

Coca-Cola Light$1,480.35
Coca-Cola Zero$1,668.26
Fanta Zero$1,413.95
Ice Tea$1,045.00
Nectar Boca Ancha$1,483.75
Fuze Tea$1,045.00
Monster Energy$1,900.00


6″SandwichesServing size(g)Calories(kcal)Total fat(g)Saturated fat(g)Trans fat(g)Carbohydrate(g)Sugars(g)Protein
Chicken teriyaki2563627.32.60,2461127
Sliced chicken2083006.32.70.241520
Roasted chicken breast2313318.03.20.244619
Italian meatballs25638311.75.40.247820
Taco beef2123208.93.60.242617225
Roast beef2253467.13.10.240621
Subway club2273257.13.00.24162123
Italian B.M.T23040616.74.70.242522
Subway melt2123218.63.70.242518
Avocado shrimp22034012.73.70.242511
Veggie delight1662505.72.50.239510
Egg mayo22442120.75.80.341617
Diced beef23736610.64.80.340626
Spicy chicken strips2563697.12.40.2481228
Angus beef23941216.17.70.344622

Introduction to Subway Menu in Chile

Subway Restaurant, now known as one of the world’s restaurant chains, has become the centre of interest among consumers in the country of Chile due to its unique menu. He has made his mark. It has created a distinct place in millions of restaurants in countries around the world due to its quality and combination of flavours. Chile has provided a wide range of options on Subway menus and is known for featuring different flavours and combinations in different cities and regions. It offers customers many types of bread chutneys – meat. Tomatoes.

There is an open freedom of choice in ingredients, such as salads. Due to this, consumers can customize their favourite food. Subway offers a collection of its favourite dishes in the regions of Chile. The chain has become famous for its taste and freshness. Here, customers get the experience of choosing the taste of their choice, due to which they can enjoy their favourite sandwich. Reputation of Subway Menu in Chile.

Reputation of Subway Menu in Chile

Subway’s menu in Chile has earned its raid locally and internationally and is appreciated among people for its high standards and flavours. Subway restaurants in Chile are famous for their fresh and healthy food options. Subway menus in Chile can vary from region to region so that customers can choose their favourite items from a variety of items. Meat. With bread, it provides an opportunity for independence so that they can use sandwiches or other items freely according to their desires.

Chili Subway restaurants feature local Asian flavours and settings in their menu, which keeps customers interested. Their menus are based on healthy varieties to provide people with healthy and quality delicious food. Subway has established a strong foothold in Chile, due to which people know it as a healthy and tasty food.

Popularity of Subway Menu in Chile

Due to its growing popularity in Chile, subway menus are popular among the people of this restaurant for their healthy and unique flavours. Subway restaurants have established their centres in many cities, towns and villages in Chile. The reason is to allow customers to eat sandwiches full of fresh and delicious flavours.

Subway has put forward a variety of combinations and regional thinking in its appealing menu in which people can prepare their sandwiches or a variety of food. On the other hand, many types of vegetables are available to consumers. The opportunity to choose meats, bread and sauces allows them to experience different ways of preparing their favourite sandwiches. Chile’s interpretation of healthy choices on Subway’s menu has led to different groups of customers depending on whether they are busy or less busy. Expectations and preferences have been greatly enhanced, increasing its popularity.

Subway Chili features and delicious menu

Subway uses sandwiches with different Chilean food characteristics and provides delicious meals with many suggestions and options for its customers. Chili’s Subway menu and various ingredients and specialities. Subway fills its various menu items with a wide variety of traditions in the regions of Chile, including a variety of breads, vegetables, meats, sauces, and various ingredients. People in Chile select their favourite foods according to their traditions and flavour. And prepare your favourite sandwich in different ways.


Combo Meals at Subway Chili’s locations provide a delightful experience where customers get to eat a variety of dishes along with their favourite sandwiches, along with chips, drinks and some sweets that make the meal balanced and complete.

Special deals on Menu Atoms

Subway Restaurant provides a variety of dishes to its customers in various festivals and events; these dishes are provided as promotions and holidays in different seasons and provide full opportunity for its customers to enjoy delicious food.

Influencing Factors

Subway Chile’s local social and economic conditions due to its daily busyness may change its prices due to different economic processes and regional social media, which may cause customers to have difficulties in their food supply. Subway’s menu items in Chile have gained regional popularity among people from Asia and various delis, and local customers have been enjoying the quality and taste of sandwiches with a wider range of options and delicious flavours.


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