Subway menu prices in Belgium have provided an interesting dining experience for people here. Where your health and taste are taken care of, Subway in Belgium has a variety of menus to cater to a variety of tastes. The ingredients are presented so that every consumer can enjoy their favourite healthy food here according to their taste and health. Subway menus in Belgium are also varied in terms of high quality and health. Subway Restaurant in Belgium provides its customers with high-quality food at very reasonable prices.

Subway Sandwiches in Belgium offers its customers the freedom of food choice so that everyone can benefit from the opportunity to choose healthy and natural ingredients. Here in Belgium, there are countless opportunities to spend pleasant moments in beautiful surroundings and do justice to delicious dishes.


Steak & Cheese 30cm menu€11.95
Veggie Delite™ 30cm menu€10.95
Kalkoenfilet 30cm menu€10.95
Chicken Teriyaki 15cm sub€5.95
BLT 30cm menu€11.50

30cm Menu

Subway Melt™ 30cm menu€11.95
Veggie Patty 30cm menu€11.50
Chicken Fajita 30cm menu€12.70
Steak & Cheese 30cm menu (30cm Menu)€11.95
Gegrilde Kipfilet 30cm menu€11.50
Chicken Teriyaki 30cm menu€11.95
Spicy Italian 30cm menu€10.95
Italian B.M.T® 30cm menu€11.50
Ham 30cm menu€10.95
Tonijn 30cm menu€11.50
BLT 30cm menu (30cm Menu)€11.50
Kalkoenfilet 30cm menu (30cm Menu)€10.95
Kalkoenfilet & Ham 30cm menu€10.95
Veggie Delite™ 30cm menu (30cm Menu)€10.95
Meatball Marinara 30cm menu€11.95
Italian B.M.T 30cm menu€11.95
Subway Club 30cm menu€11.50

15cm Menu

Subway Melt™ 15cm menu€8.95
Veggie Patty 15cm menu€8.75
Chicken Teriyaki 15cm menu€8.95
Chicken Fajita 15cm menu€8.75
Italian B.M.T® 15cm menu€8.75
Gegrilde Kipfilet 15cm menu€8.75
Tonijn 15cm menu€8.75
Spicy Italian 15cm menu€8.50
Kalkoenfilet 15cm menu€8.50
Ham 15cm menu€8.50
Veggie Delite™ 15cm menu€8.50
Subway Club 15cm menu€8.75
Kalkoenfilet & Ham 15cm menu€8.50
Meetball Marinara 15cm menu€8.95
Subway Melt™ 15cm menu (15cm Menu)€8.95

30cm Sub

Subway Melt™ 30cm sub€8.95
Veggie Patty 30cm sub€8.50
Chicken Fajita 30cm sub€8.50
Steak & Cheese 30cm sub€8.95
Gegrilde Kipfilet 30cm sub€8.50
Chicken Teriyaki 30cm sub€8.95
Italian B.M.T® 30cm sub€8.50
American Steakhouse Melt 30cm sub€8.95
Tonijn 30cm sub€8.50
Spicy Italian 30cm sub€7.95
Kalkoenfilet 30cm sub€7.95
Ham 30cm sub€7.95
Veggie Delite™ 30cm sub€7.45
BLT 30cm sub€7.45
Meetball Marinara 30cm sub€8.95
Subway Club 30cm sub€8.50
Kalkoenfilet & Ham 30cm sub€7.95
Rosbief 30 cm sub€8.95


Subway Melt™ 15cm sub€5.95
Veggie Patty 15 cm sub€5.50
Chicken Fajita 15cm sub€5.50
Steak & Cheese 15cm sub€5.95
Gegrilde Kipfilet 15cm sub€5.50
Chicken Teriyaki 15cm sub (15cm Sub)€5.95
Spicy Italian 15cm sub€4.95
American Steakhouse Melt 15cm sub€5.95
Ham 15cm sub€4.95
Tonijn 15cm sub€5.50
Veggie Delite™ 15cm sub€4.95
Kalkoenfilet 15cm sub€4.95
Subway Club 15cm sub€5.50
Kalkoenfilet & Ham 15cm sub€4.95
Rosbief 15cm sub€5.95
Meetball Marinara 15cm sub€5.95

Make It A Salad Menu

Subway Melt™ Salad menu€8.95
Chicken Teriyaki Salad menu€8.95
Chicken Fajita Salad menu€8.50
Steak & Cheese Salad menu€8.95
Italian B.M.T® Salad menu€8.50
Gegrilde Kipfilet Saladmenu€8.50
Tonijn Salad menu€8.50
Spicy Italian Salad menu€7.95
BLT Salad menu€6.50
Ham Salad menu€7.95
Subway Club Salade menu€8.50
Kalkoenfilet & Ham Salade menu€7.95
Meetball Marinara Salade menu€8.95
Rosbief Salade menu€8.95


Chocolate Chip met Rainbow Candy€1.50
White Chip Macadamia€1.50
Double Chocolate€1.50
Chocolate Chunk€1.50


CHIPS DORITOS Sweet Chili 44g€1.50
CHIPS DORITOS Nachos Cheese 44g€1.50
CHIPS LAYS Paprika 44g€1.50
CHIPS LAYS Naturel 44g€1.50
CHIPS LAYS ketchup 44g€1.50
CHIPS LAYS Peper en Zout 44g€1.50
Chips Pickles 44g€1.50
Chips Doritos cheese€1.50
Chips paprika€1.50
Chips naturel€1.50
Chips ketchup€1.50


6″SandwichesServing Size(g)Calories(Kcal)Total Fat(g)Saturated Fat(g)Trans Fat(g)Carbohydrate(g)Sugars(g)Protein(g)
Sliced Chicken2073006.32.70.241520
Chicken Teriyaki2573627.32.60.2461127
Italian Meatballs25538311.75.40.247820
Chicken Strips2293247.12.50.239525
Roasted Chicken Breast2323318.03.20.241623
Italian B.M.T25538311.75.40.247820
Subway Club2263257.13.00.242522
Roast Beef2243467.13.10.240621
Taco Beef2213208.93.60.242617
Subway Melt2113218.63.70.242518
Avocado Shrimp22134012.73.70.242511
Veggie Delight1652505.72.50.239510
Egg Mayo22542120.75.80.341617
Diced Beef23636610.64.80.340626
Sichuan Pepper Chicken24637914.05.50.136524
Spicy Chicken Strips2553697.12.40.2481228
Angus Beef23841216.17.70.344622

Introduction of Subway Menu in Belgium

Subway Menu in Belgium has won the hearts of all customers with its menu featuring various healthy and natural options. Due to this, every customer can achieve their happiness and wellness. Subway Restaurant has made a strong entry in Belgium due to which happy moments have been extended here with delicious food and modern demands of the new world. Subway menus in Belgium balance both taste and health aspects, making every meal a pleasant experience. Subway menus in Belgium are also very reasonably priced. Every consumer can get healthy food according to their preferences and budget.

Subway in Belgium offers a variety of options for customers on their menu featuring a selection of Cheez lover’s fresh and hot dishes that are packed with diverse flavours and healthy ingredients. Saber Restaurant in Belgium takes every customer on a delicious culinary journey with all kinds of delicious health benefits.

Popularity of Subway Menus in Belgium

Subway’s menu has been very popular with the public in Belgium as it has always provided new variety and delicious food that meets the health and quality of its customers. Subway menus are quickly gaining popularity in the regions of Belgium due to their different flavours and combinations. Each customer can customize their sandwich to their liking. This is a unique and different choice that cheese lovers make with their guests.

Its popularity is largely due to its healthy ingredients and other affordable prices. Belgium Subway’s menu features natural ingredients and healthy foods, including fresh salads, carrots, and cucumbers. Beetroot. Cabbage and various proteins that you need daily are all there. Belgians are full of fresh and delicious sandwiches, salads, and choices at Subway. This provides them with a new experience of beautiful and delicious food in every era.

Cheese lovers

It’s a key part of Subway’s quirky menu that hides the incredible fun and flavour of your life. The Cheez Lovers experience excites the public here in Belgium, and people turn to it for the ultimate in deliciousness and indulgence on every occasion.
Subway offers the highest quality tea and sandwiches, and Cheez Lovers offers a new dimension to this standard. Enhances the sense of taste. Cheez Lovers adds hot cheese, tomato, and a delicious sauce to the sandwich. Cheez Lovers always hides in a fresh, longfooted flat burger, taking your delicious food experience to a whole new level. gets
Flatbread sandwiches have played the role of cheese lovers in urban areas. Has provided them with new thinking and awareness.

Subway Menu prices in Belgium: Kids Meals

Subway provides specially recommended healthy meals for children in Belgium for their good, healthy upbringing and education. Provides a variety of ingredients.
Subway has a variety of choices in its toddler food so that parents can provide healthy and wholesome foods to their children. Special attention has been paid to the selection of colours for children in these quality foods that increase the interest of the young.
Providing high-health and quality food to children has increased their appetite for health and the taste of nutrition hidden in these foods for children and has set young children on such a healthy journey. Where delicious and healthy foods welcome them enthusiastically.

Subway Menu Traditional Favorites

Subway’s Traditional Favorites is part of the menu that lives deep in the hearts and minds of its customers. It is the special ones that make the special moments of everyone’s life memorable. The Traditional Favorites menu has a variety of items. The menu has a wide variety of traditional sandwiches like Traditional Chicken Tikka, BMT, and Roast Beef. Prepared with fresh vegetables and various healthy ingredients that add to their high nutritional value and special flavours. These Traditional Favorite Sandwiches include various categories.

Ingredients such as Chicken Breast, Tandoori Chicken, and Roast Chicken are included, which engage the customers to have more fresh, hot, clean chicken. Here, you get an exciting experience with every meal.

Subway Menu Toast and Grilled Sandwich

In Belgium, subway menus in toast and grilled sandwiches use a wide variety of foods that give people a taste for healthy and delicious food. Served according to the to-suits section, there are many types of bread and combinations to be included that change his different taste preferences. Hot chicken and various sauces are used to give it a delicious green tea flavour. Grilled sandwiches are prominent in a wide menu of toasties, enhancing the dining experience.

Hot Fresh Grilled Chicken – Traditional Chicken Tikka. The delicious combination of grilled veggie chips gives them protection with different flavours. Subway’s Grilled Sandwiches and Toasts include different delicious flavour ingredients that make them attractive and delicious and the experience is very indulgent and comforting. Healthy food and healthy ingredients bring fun and boldness so people who prefer to eat well in their breakfast or lunch here do the best justice to their food.

religious aspects of food

Subway Restaurant has provided a variety of diverse and healthy foods on its menu. These interesting foods are very beneficial for health and the human body. Subway’s menu uses 100% halal meat and fresh chicken. It is done, which is important for different religious sects. It is very beneficial for Muslims as it gives Muslim brothers freedom of food and use and choice as religious restrictions. There are many on this menu. There are topics for different religions and ethnicities and healthy ingredients that are essential for many religious groups. It is beneficial for all Muslim brothers.


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