German people are well known all over the world for their delicious food and flavours, and when it comes to food and flavours, Subway restaurants in Germany have created mind-blowing flavours and varied menus. It has made a beautiful place in the hearts of the people here because of its features. In this article, we will talk about the different features and wide range of flavours of Subway’s Fast Food menu. In this article, I will tell you about the Subway menu in Germany menu and the new price list.


Sparmenu 30cm sub  11.80
Sparmenu 15cm sub  7.90
Sparmenu wrap  7.90
Sparmenu dalat  8.90


Chicken teriyaki sub footlong (30 cm)  9.90
Meatless chicken teriyaki sub footlong (30)  9.90
Chicken fajita sub footlong (30)  9.90
Meatless chicken teriyaki sub-footlong (30)  9.50
Chicken teriyaki sub  5.90


Chicken teriyaki 15 cm sub menu  10.42
Meatless chicken teriyaki 15 cm sub menu  10.55
Italian B.M.T. 15 cm sub menu  10.11
Chicken breast 15 cm sub menu  10.24
BBQ rib 15 cm sub menu  10.78
Tuna sub 15 cm sub menu  10.22
Spicy vegan patty 15 cm sub menu  10.00
Philly beef and cheese 15 cm sub menu  10.64
Veggie delite 15 cm sub menu  8.52
Salami sub 15 cm sub menu  9.79
Chicken fajita 15 cm sub menu  10.43
Turkey ham and bacon melted 15 cm sub menu  10.25


Chicken teriyaki sub-meal deal  10.66
Philly beef teriyaki footlong meal deal  16.15
Meatless chicken teriyaki sub-meal deal  10.74
Meatless chicken teriyaki sub meal deal  10.88
Turkey sub-meal deal  10.36
Chicken breast sub meal deal  10.30
BBQ rib sub meal deal  10.66
Tuna sub meal deal  10.28
Salami sub-meal deal  10.22
Philly beef and cheese sub meal deal  10.99
Veggie Delite sub-meal deal  8.80
Salami sub meal deal  9.59
Chicken fajita sub meal deal  10.75
Turkey ham and bacon melt sub meal deal  10.15
Turkey and ham sub meal deal  9.83
Ham sub meal deal  9.53
Turkey sub meal deal  10.41


Chicken teriyaki salad  8.59
Chicken breast salad  8.52
tuna salad   8.25
Ham salad  8.21
Philly beef and cheese salad  8.86
Philly beef and cheese salad  8.52
Turkey and ham salad  7.78
BBQ rib salad  8.25
Turkey ham and bacon melted salat  7.53
Ham salat  7.42
Salami salad  7.30
Turkey Salad  6.67
Veggie Deloitte Salad  8.30
Philly beef teriyaki salad  9.59
Spicy vegan patty salad  8.84
Meatless chicken teriyaki salad  8.34


Chicken teriyaki salad  8.26
Meatless chicken teriyaki salad  8.49
Chicken fajita salad  8.21
Chicken breast salad  7.78
Tuna salad  7.81
Philly beef and cheese salad  8.34
Italian B.M.T. salad  7.88
BBQ rib salad  8.13
Turkey and ham salad  7.33
Turkey ham and bacon melt salad  7.91
Turkey salad  7.07
Ham salad  7.01
Salami salad  6.88
Spicy vegan patty salad  7.86
Veggie delite salad  6.38
Philly beef teriyaki salad  8.72


Philly beef teriyaki wrap  7.78
BBQ rib wrap  6.96
Chicken teriyaki wrap  7.05
Meatless Chicken teriyaki wrap  7.15
Italian B.M.T. wrap  6.65
Chicken breast wrap  6.58
tuna wrap  6.61
Chicken fajita wrap  6.95
Spicy vegan patty wrap  6.61
Philly beef and cheese wrap  7.29
Veggie delite wrap  5.05
Ham wrap  5.81
Salami wrap  5.60
Turkey ham and bacon melt wrap  6.71
Turkey and ham wrap  6.11
Turkey wrap   5.86
Chicken harissa wrap  7.22


Buddy fruits apple and erdbeere 90g  1.64
Buddy fruit apple and erdbeere 90g  1.71


6 Cookies  6.93
Chocolate chunk cookies  1.58
Chocolate chunk cookie  1.56
12 Cookies  12.17
Double chocolate chip cookies  1.58
Double chocolate chip cookie  1.56
White chip macadamia nut cookie  1.58
Chocolate chips with rainbow candy cookies  1.57
Chocolate chip mit rainbow candy cookie  1.57
3 Cookies  3.68

Non-Alcoholic drinks

Capri-sun pure fruit and water 0.21  2.48
Schwip schwap zero 0.51  3.64
Schwip Schwap Zero 0.51  3.65
Mountain Dew 0.51  3.60
Gerolsteiner medium 0.51  3.59
Gerolsteiner Naturell 0.51  3.66
Pepsi max 0.51  3.66
Pepsi 0.51  3.66
7up 0.51  3.65
Mirinda 0.51  3.65
Lipton Laced Tea Peach 0.51  3.74
Schwip Schwap 0.51  3.74


Lay’s salted  1.66
Lay’s sour cream and onion  1.62
Lay’s paprika  1.62


Lay’s salted  1.72
Lay salt and vinegar  1.78
Lay’s sour cream and onion  1.74
Lay’s paprika  1.71
Lays paprika  1.69
Doritos sweet chilli pepper  1.69

Alkoholfreie Getranke

Lipton eistee pfirsich 0.51  3.56
Lipton Eistee Pfirsich 0.51  3.56

The beginning of Subway Menu in Germany

Subway is popular all over the world for its services. It started its success in Germany in a big way. In 2001, the first Subway restaurant in Germany was opened. It has created love in the hearts of people due to its performance and flavours.

1. Subway Menu

Subway Fast Food has tailored its menu according to the high quality and taste of the people of Germany. There are many selections of different foods.

2. Subway Sandwiches

Survey sandwiches in Germany are available in different types and flavours for people who are concerned about their health and quality. My favourite food is filled with fresh vegetables and warm baked bread. And full of spices and flavours. Tasty chicken tikka sandwich for picky eaters. A variety of pepper chicken sandwiches are available in different flavours.

3. Hot your way

Here, you are provided with the option of self-choice. Hot Your Way is now available in which you can choose your choice of roti toppings and spices. And its components provide an opportunity to choose.

4. Other Foods

Subway restaurants in Germany are not limited to sandwiches but also offer a wide variety of food, including Veggie Delight. Chips. Cold drinks are also included. So that people can get food according to their choice. And they don’t have to go anywhere.

5. Healthy Food

Subway has provided its citizens in Germany with a variety of stands for healthy flavours and foods such as yoghurt, green seltzer, and fresh fruit slides, which is a favourite food of low-calorie people.

6. Different Places

Subway fast food restaurants are available in different places in different cities in Germany, especially public places, urban areas, and entertainment places, where people can easily access and enjoy their delicious food.

Affordable Prices for Every Wallet in Germany

In Germany, this option is very popular for you so that the purchase price is not heavy on your pocket. In Germany, all kinds of things and proper food facilities are available to serve you. Due to the process of understanding, there is a large number of people from foreign countries, so travel services and busy restaurants serve the customers. are engaged in providing food and drink facilities. All these options are available at a reasonable price. This way of providing services to all kinds of people, the natural aspect, gives the country a more friendly and social system due to which every urban or rural person can easily fulfil their individual needs.

Popularity of the subway in Germany

Subway is gaining popularity in Germany and is seen by the local population as a preferred choice. Some appreciate Subway’s emphasis on cabin, health consciousness, and freshness principles.

German consumers can experience the variety and choices offered by Subway’s offerings, catering to different tastes and individual preferences.

Subway is also renowned for its health-conscious food options, which help German consumers enjoy the taste of fresh ingredients for good health.

The provision of balance, freshness, and quality in Subway’s offerings guides German consumers towards a healthy lifestyle. The people here consider Subway as a part of their healthy and delicious way of life, which is gaining fame in the market.

Customization Options in Germany

By using German-made products and quality ingredients, the variety of products made here is world-class. Germany offers its esteemed customers a quality life in terms of healthy nutrition. Food conditions and food products are invited to have a standard basis. Food ingredients used in Germany generally emphasize depth and cleanliness, which ensures the health and beauty of consumers. This enables Subway Fast Food to provide additional production in the variety and quality of its products. This turns consumer trust into confidence.

Quality ingredients in the Subway in Germany

Subway prides itself on using top-notch ingredients to craft its food, which is renowned for its exceptional flavour and health benefits. To start, Subway incorporates the use of fresh produce like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and lettuce, not only adding visual appeal to their dishes but also offering a myriad of health advantages.

Moreover, Subway’s bread is crafted from premium-grade wheat, guaranteeing a nutrient-rich base that delivers an unparalleled taste experience. To further elevate the deliciousness and enjoyment of their fare, Subway includes hot elements in various menu items, such as delectably grilled chicken and savoury cheese. Subway’s signature sauces and dressings also play a major role in enhancing the flavour profile of their food. These carefully curated ingredients come together to create a delightful and nourishing dining experience, allowing individuals to savour an array of distinctive tastes.


All have introduced various types of restaurant menus in Germany and have provided the best foods and flavours according to consumers’ preferences. Self-selection gives people a wide range of experiences to choose from various healthy options. Subway in Germany offers something special to its menu for different tastes, and it gives everyone a wide knowledge of having delicious and healthy food.

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